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Hi guys welcome back to my blog I am here again with poppy, I’m going to put the link to her blog down below in the description today we’re going to be talking about our worst travel experiences I’ve been traveling now for almost a year, and I’ve been traveling for a year, and a half let’s be honest we don’t always have the best travel experiences when you see these people traveling the world on Instagram or they can make it seem like travellers all just beaches, and Suns, and butterflies, and fairy tales do these people ever have a bad day it certainly doesn’t seem like it. But that’s just not realistic no definitely not realistic. But don’t worry we’re not super depressing we’re making a post part two that, I’m going to put on my blog, and talking about our best travel experiences yeah definitely go check that out after this post all the blank in the post itself.

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So that you can go, and see that. Because you have to see both sides number one bad travel experience whenever anybody asked me about a bad travel experience kind of what comes to mind is my time in Costa Rica I don’t want anybody getting offended in this post there’s nothing against countries there’s nothing against places. But I just didn’t have a good time there Livio, and I were living for a couple of months in the middle of the rainforest in the middle of nowhere, and there was nothing around we had to walk for maybe half an hour on a dirt road to get into town, and town was extremely small nothing wrong with that. But the place was just kind of very creepy nobody around. But then at the same time they would tell us that it’s very unsafe and. So anytime we wanted to leave the house even if we were just going to the garden we have to take all of our things all of our cameras all my laptop me with us. So it’s just really stressful actually one time somebody did come into the house while we were there he came into the house, and sat on our couch, and just stared at us like this.

So intense relaxed hello, and he just didn’t talk he just stared at us, and then he started going around our house like scouting it out to come, and Rob it later I guess. Because he was looking at all windows like how secure are they once we heard singing in the night coming from down in the valley, and it was middle our sleep. So we’re kind of just like, I’ll be able to singing down the valley. But then in the morning when we woke up. But there’s nobody from my room who was down our Valley not like one thing that happened there I can’t even describe it. But it was just a very creepy vibe now for Bob okay. So fortunately when I was in Mexico exploring the beautiful island of Cozumel within about I want to say an hour of being there my boyfriend I get out of the ocean, and Oliver sis is gone had some not.

So nice people here who just my camera when I met Jordan she had this canon g7x camera, and I was super stoked on that I was like I want to buy that camera. So I bought it well guess what got stolen you had just gotten I didn’t even have it for one week my debit card all forms of money are gone my clothes awful I had no more clothes school has a bag the people at the boat in Spanish it was like, I’m not even I don’t even have clothes, I’m in a bikini it’s just nice time I just want to go back to my Airbnb where were you I don’t even have the keys. But I just want to get off this frickin island and, I’m almost bought naked I just am in a bikini at night the word yeah my worst travel experience is definitely the camera thieves in Mexico your turn I got hit by a car in chrome Italian drivers or maybe through Roman drivers as a mental are crazy they don’t listen to me they hit you, and rim you can’t did yeah they didn’t stop know how hard going. But it blowing down. So I thought like I was going to stop. Because it sees the blood red well no it just kept going, and hit me like on my own method I over I fell over, and I don’t know how like it didn’t actually run me over I guess I fell off to the side, and I just kept going old guy like came up to me, and he didn’t even seem surprised like hey you’re fighting all the time I was shocked she’s like yeah, and he’s like okay bye Bobby from the get-go when I started traveling my computer just decided it won’t work anymore mate when I met Ashley you met her laptop is constantly in the state is dying and. So one day I go outside, and Poppy’s laptop is in a like bakery dish right sitting in the Sun that was going on for months I don’t you understand I kept baking it in the rice terraces all of our stuff the next day my computer internal my next one is I think a pretty entertaining story, I’m in Australia, and I spent a lot of money to go to Fraser Island which I heard is this amazing place like a life-changing beautiful gorgeous which it actually is except I didn’t get to see that right when I went a cyclone symptom happened to hit Australia, and everybody was like oh no it’s going to hit farther up north it’s not coming to Fraser Island well guess where Kane Fraser Island then to make matters worse our tour guide which is a vital part going to Fraser Island was kind of awful when I booked the tour they said Oh have you ever heard of glamping like glamorous camping, and they showed me all these pictures on Instagram I don’t need that our batteries, and want that I didn’t actually look that.

But I was like okay that’s what they are when I get there there’s tents surrounded in a brown puddle of water not my glamping. But it was just like false advertisement which kind of upset me, and then the guy whenever anybody would mention the weather he would just get personally offended he’d be saying oh people have the best times their lives on Fraser Island this is an amazing place like don’t complain we like advertising cyclones are so much fun I mean we’re trying to have an amazing time. But of course the weather sucks people are going to talk about that, and whenever you would overhear anybody talking about the weather it be like no talking about rain don’t talk about the cyclone like nobody mentioned that one night somebody had moved the car. Because it was getting all rain gone inside one of the windows was stuck open you’re not supposed to drive around the cars at night without the guys obviously. But that’s not what they were doing they’re just moving, and he somehow heard that the car had been moved. So he drove his car over to our camp it’s like 2:00 in the morning you start yelling drunk about how bad we are is the worst travellers I don’t think of the case by the way we were trying to have fun. But it was just I mean we were in a cyclone.

So then he’s like nobody move the cars nobody touched the car just treating the cars like okay we’re bad we get it offering to reboot yeah go back your chance to help. So he got in his car to leave, and he drives his car into a tree next to poppy okay in Costa Rica I worked on a farm great experience except they were also bad ones we slept outside, and we slept with all the things outside I had some little friends in my bed millions of little friends too black scorpions that we found in my bed when I told the owners of the farm that there’s a black scorpion like what do I do is a poisonous they came over, and they picked up the scorpion with a stick, and then just most it like well next to my bed like does not go back, I’m not sleeping with me now it’s just like on the floor we don’t kill things here totally respect that. But like you have to put it next my bed like I just going to eat or come back to sleep with me I wanted to go take a nap in my bed I think the entire neck of my bed is smothered, and ants all over I bed like it’s all black they’ve like chosen my bed form their quality, and life didn’t you say there were like 40 beds, and they can tap oh yes there’s like 40 pages outside thing, and they just want life ever since Costa Rica I just can’t stand am Jordan okay actually going back to creepy Costa Rica farm in the middle of the jungle this happened on Halloween it’s like the ants knew first of all millions of ants invaded our house, and I can’t even describe like how many ants there were unit big or you can see the windows you couldn’t see the walls just ants they brought in all this dirt they laid the dirt on the floor then a lot of ants just are kind of hanging out in the dirt, and other is come up, and just behead them know what it is their own people I got tried one on reunion they carried their bodies, and set them in the dirt push the dirt over them hung around there for a while like burying ants, and looking at them, and then, and then they all left, and they left this just ant graveyard in our hallway yeah yeah it would be one I don’t think it’s like a worst. But yeah it’s not experience poppy okay oh my god okay when my friends had a kilo of San Pedro at the time I have never heard of fanpage, and no it was I later find out that it’s one of mother nature’s most powerful psychedelic it’s up there with ayahuasca when my drum is tell me about it except it’s like a medicine or like it he, and I did for some people it is I should have done more research on it I don’t really do that try stuff. But I was like you know, I’m traveling like I. So I try everything no that was not a good idea on a traditional boat it’s like two teaspoon I had eight oh my gosh yeah Wow, and especially that you didn’t know I left Earth I left my body um I was tripping for 17 hours my gosh that’s like I literally I could not insane that was not good time okay back to me I actually went for an entire year, I’m travel without any injuries. But that ended when I was on gili islands in Indonesia I was swimming in the ocean for all of maybe five minutes, and then I felt something painful strike my foot it was a sea urchin when the likes coming out my foot just started intensely burning my leg, and my foot I couldn’t move really hurt.

So I think we’re going to go to the doctor. But I don’t know if I can walk on it when something hits the sea urchin it releases like the tips of its quill into that many tips of the quill they’re poisonous Livio had to carry me all the way through town good job post yeah once we got as a doctor I found even more pain awaiting a way to they cure you of sea urchin stinging you is that they basically just hit your foot over, and over again they were just literally hitting my foot with a hammer for ten minutes ten minutes of just constant pain after two minutes of pain I just couldn’t stop laughing I was my body’s reaction the doctor was acting like it was a big party who’d like more time. So that wasn’t fun all these experiences that we’ve had made us really appreciate this great experiences and. So that’s why we’re going to make another post talking about great experiences traveling to. So many country, and you’re kind of like it’s a good to won’t even think of our worst experiences. Because travel kind of blend I feel like it’s not one thing this one experience happened it’s more a collection like living, and later we were about them even though it’s kind of a bad situation, and at the time you’re wishing you weren’t stuck in the cyclone at the same time it’s going to be a story, and one day you’re going to look back on in say oh remember the time that I was stuck in the cyclone Australia somebody said it’ll either be a good time or it’ll be a good story and, I’m going to try to think of that me laughing about that for career, and I feel like in travel those are the two main categories yeah hi yeah there’s no in-between well now, I’m really looking forward to talking about our best travel experiences the flip side of all this go for part 2 over 2 coffees blog, and watch that only the post thinking we lack, and um travels all home like we’re still traveling we’re in China. So many good times that we’ve had.

So definitely head over to Papa’s blog watch part 2 part 2 bye bye thanks for reading.

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