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The track soon becomes a metalled road, with housing now Denver Map Tourist Attractions separating you from the sea. You descend to a cafe marking the end of the South Downs Denver Map Tourist Attractions Way, and the beginning of Eastbourne. The most pleasant way to the centre of Eastbourne is to turn right beyond the cafe into Duke’s Drive and follow it downhill. You pass Helen Gardens, then just beyond these gardens you bear right along a road signposted Holywell, Promenade (Western Parade). Keep along this road, ignoring turnings off to the right, and you will shortly arrive on the promenade. Turn left and simply follow the promenade into Eastbourne, passing the martello tower known as the Wish Tower, and a Lifeboat Museum.

She took us directly upstairs where bedrooms had been decorated to represent different periods and styles of the nineteenth or early twentieth century. One room was setup like an old cabin with items from the old Whetmore cabin. The Whetmores were one of Allegan’s earliest pioneer families. Another room was setup in the style of a formal nineteenth century dining room.

We were particularly fascinated by the many incredible artifacts and handmade heirlooms, including the Victorian hairworks. For those who unfamiliar with the term hairwork, it is a complex, artistic weaving of human hair into an intricate design. Hairworks were a very popular pasttime in the 1800s and early 1900s.

The hair used in the design sometimes came from one person or generations of family members. It may have been the hair of a husband or boyfriend who went off to war or it may have been made from the hair taken of a loved one who had passed.

Hairworks were made into jewelry or larger designs were framed and kept as a family heirloom. The beautiful hairworks in the home portion of the museum are some of the largest and most intricate we’ve seen.

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