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Hi guys Hey from the beautiful Philippines today I wanted to make a post about the daily life of a traveler now everybody is gonna be a little bit different. But of course access to use myself as an example, and specifically my trip here in the Philippines right now I’ve been traveling the world full-time for over two years, and I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what a lifestyle like that might be like being a full time traveler must mean that every day is glamorous as perfect, and just spent dancing in rainbows right honestly there are days that do feel like that. But it is certainly not every day probably just like a lot of you guys I like to start every day with a cup of coffee, and I normally write in the morning 10:00 my peaceful routine. But I really don’t want to make this post about normal stuff like I wake up I make a shower obviously. So, I’m just gonna share some basics with you guys, and hopefully give you some useful information as well.

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So let’s get started. Because even though this Beach is really beautiful it’s also really hot out here a big part of my life the traveler does involve being online that’s how I am able to make a living, I’m able to upload these posts for you guys not to mention expected with my family, and friends all around the world I know that a lot of you guys have asked how is it that I am able to access certain websites that are blocked in other countries, and the answer is a VPN, and for those of you that are not familiar with the VPN what it basically does is it Maps your IP address to being from 8 different countries the one that I use is called hotspot Shield it’s the state here. So as you can see right now, I’m in the Philippines. But with this VPN I choose to have an IP address based in the US or anywhere I want to great one of my favorite things about the Internet, and being an online creator is this incredible sense of community where people are really given a voice, and having a VPN I am free to be a part of a world without borders where I have connected with people from China to Canada from Saudi Arabia to Australia from Iraq to England if you guys do want to check out the VPN that I use hotspot shield then the link is below in the description. So internet ducks leads me to another big part of my life probably similar to men see you guys which is work I am so grateful to have a job that is based around travel, and sharing these posts with you guys. But a lot of works definitely goes into it I spend about 20 hours per post in terms of editing work.

So it might upload two or three a week that’s 40 to 60 hours not including the time that it takes to go out, and post. So definitely a lot of work does go into being a r. But it’s definitely worth it as you guys probably know it’s something I am very passionate about I love doing, and you know with this I just want to highlight the fact that not every day of my life is about going out to gorgeous places exploring, and having tons of fun that’s definitely a part of it. But it is not every day by any means my dude that none of my time 14, and then of course there are those adventure days where I do go out, and I find amazing places I see gorgeous things I meet amazing people I try new things hi kind of the point of this post is that not every day traveling is exciting, and glamorous, and perfect. But some of the days are, and they definitely make everything worth it of course like with anything in life there are definitely types of travel where stuff goes wrong may be really wrong an example that happened recently would be that javi, and I went to the island of Bohol here in the Philippines we were super excited about it got really excited about this snorkeling tour that we booked it turned out that these people had I don’t know if you want to call it scammed us.

But basically they had a diving tour that they were already operating, and they saw an opportunity to make some money they told us it was startling to her sylia was just a diving spur, and we tagged along, and still paid the money it was not a good experience they did not even talk to us or introduce us whatsoever they only talk to the divers the site we went to were definitely geared more toward iving than snorkeling this French ladies told the dive instructor event we should be required to hold on to a rope at all times. Because we are stupid then she said this right in front of me ahead of them we did go out snorkeling, and I got stung on the face by a huge jellyfish my face got really red, and swollen as if this all wasn’t already enough a huge typhoon struck just a moment, and it would such extreme wind that papi, and I were actually hiding on one side of the boat it was so insane dis about man had us go below into a hold of the ship to be sheltered from the rain, and the storm it was pouring rain. So we left without really seeing anything there pretty disappointing. But you know as this anything in life you win some you lose some, and sometimes on experience sometimes you have a good experience you can’t really get upset about it to tell a part of the story something that I do tell people about being a full time traveler or a long time traveler is easily about traveling light I travel a little bit later than others maybe I have only in 30 liter backpack I do have more things right now. Because I have a baby in China. But that’s not always going to be the case, and when I do leave China, I’m gonna have to downgrade my life into that party leader backpack all over again. So, I’m not a materialistic person. But at the same time it is nice to have seats that you like to be able to have variety of outfits or I know just me I completely believe in selecting experiences over things.

But still it is something to think about, and it is a reality comes like a traveler okay another big part of traveling is obviously dependent upon where you stay, and this really varies. Because we’re traveling sometimes, I’ll stay somewhere long-term two three even six months or longer, and sometimes, I’ll just be passing through maybe traveling around an entire country, and I just want to stay or short-term. So it really does vary actually the place that puffy, and I dated Bobo’s was so cool it was it’s a cute bamboo hut locked it was amazing a lot of you guys asked. So I normally use Airbnb to both places today I just really like Airbnb. Because it’s a more personal feel than a hotel for example. Because it’s just a local in that place that it’s renting out maybe there’s spare bedroom or their house, and you have that local connection I become really good friends with a lot of Airbnb hosts that I’ve met even traveled with them, and I still think that that would really happen with hotel staff.

So I do really love Airbnb if you guys want to check it out then there’s a link below you will get a free night today, and I will get a free night today anywhere in the world. So it’s a win-win it’s not sponsored they just do this for everybody. So actually recently an Airbnb host that I stayed with here in the Philippines invited us out on a boat trip to a private island with shipwreck swimming with puppies, and mermaids it’s coming okay this post is getting super long. But it’s such a big part of being a traveler that I feel like I have to mention it transport now again this really varies. Because there’s so many different types of transport that I take on a regular basis whether it’s plays both trains or bicycles I’ve taken camels or horses as well. But that’s not here in Philippines and, I’m trying to fix the Philippines for this post. So never mind those for now real quick.

Because you guys do ask a lot the two websites that I most often use to find cheap flights are Skyscanner, and Google flights also great websites wrote to Rio. Because it compares the prices of every form of transport, and basically tells you everything a way to get anywhere from point A to point B all the links to stuff, I’m talking about it’s gonna be in the description below. So that is it for today guys I just wanted to highlight that like hustle time is not always flavored. But it is definitely worth it, and give you guys q-tip, and pieces of information that you find interesting for you both be sure to check back for some more really exciting Philippines posts coming up Oh another question that I keep seeing everywhere is right here, and we are about to go on a day also beach with this gorgeous water.

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