Hey everybody Hey guys how you doing today, I’m off to go get my hair down it’s the day of the wedding it’s currently 8:30 a.m. Stephens struck from you up it’s like really two minutes away, and then what are you gonna do all day I don’t know I need to catch up on some posts this morning.


So, I’m going to do that I have some coffee I don’t know what everyone’s gonna say we should go in the pool today of it draining that hurts right they did say he was only going to rain in the morning, and it’s an indoor wedding. So don’t worry, and it’s not your 5:30. So the whole day the idea runs all excited like his mom’s come to get his makeup done on her hair done professionally, and all that stuff thing you know I was really excited that this is only our second wedding we’ve ever been to the first wedding was to one of Stephens friends who he was one of the groomsmen. So this is the first time he’s gone to a wedding where he can just relax really enjoy, and not have to do all the bits of the groomsmen I don’t have for you know it’s just down a little bit anyway, I’m gonna get my hair done and, I’ll see you guys up oh my gosh it’s so soft can I hold the kitty ya know what you get it’s 4:30 I promise just realize the time guys we’ve been right oh my god it is clear uh-huh we’ve been relaxing oh yeah did you drop the ironing board this is us trying to be adults we’re just pretty much be relaxing in the pool, I’ll show you guys. Because we have this really nice open area just been relaxing, and just as being here getting ready reading a Christmas movie Santa Claus has been on. But yeah pretty much we realized the reason we’re all freaking out is. Because we realized we have to go to the wedding in 15 minutes to shower yet your pajamas he’s gonna wear our makeup thanks Arnie my shirt really good dance yes sir I should probably jump in the shower are you sharing a parent.

So Deanna Dury kidding mom already you ready for the wedding ready Stevens Russian how’s it going Steve are you staying looks nice. So crease no you look good no it looks fine Steve that’s good let’s sing a little time alright guys they’re about to go everyone’s ready I stayed one more of these when were these, and them are all right do a spin alright let’s go we’re sorry life reminds me that 10 minutes ago this is a wedding as lady go ready to go good thing our car rentals come we all have to share the one car all righty two minutes to the ceremony I think we are just gonna make it just in time no Joe 5:30 it starts don’t try to make any artificial stress it is real stress well we hello in the state boy better for it to be my mostly really seems to do a five minute yummmm status is so good I love how they just laid it out this is one I prepared earlier oh yeah. So this is my cousin Chris we introduced. But today my younger brother this is a very special honor for me to be touching you I first winner here makini were having a big wedding in December I was like at the wrong place oh I think they got onto our trips about the eyes. But yeah we had some yummy dipping in here which is good oh oh no here we have some Babu’s all right we might wear it if we’re lucky they might make occasion mr.

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