9 Great Day Trips from New York City

9. New Haven

New Haven

8. Atlantic City

This post we’re going to see not one but two of America’s top landmarks. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We’re on the ferry and we’re just about to take off. That’s an incredible view of Manhattan. What a gorgeous skyline. And look over here you have Ellis Island. We’re just hopping off the ferry to take a good look at lady liberty. Let’s go! The beautiful statue of Liberty. It is the most iconic symbol of the United States. It wouldn’t be a real trip to New York without seeing the Statue of Liberty up close and personal. So the Statue of Liberty is covered in copper plates no thincker than the pennies in your pocket. That is just incredible. Tah da! Alright we’re just hopping back on the Lady Liberty to go see Ellis Island. Bye Lady Liberty. So we just arrived here to Ellis Island by ferry and it’s so cool it’s just the same experience that immigrants had when they arrived to America.

Atlantic City

7. The Palisades

My favorite part is probably Ellis Island simply because we have ties here. My husband’s grandmother came through Ellis Island and we’re looking forward to looking at the rest of the Ellis Island Museum. It’s really a great display. You can really imagine what it was like to arrive to a new country with everything that you own. Incredible. This is kind of cool. Over a hundred million americans can actually trace their roots back here to Ellis Island. I would definitely recommend this tour to friends if they came to New York City. It was fun and we learned a lot. What a day. That was so fun. We saw the Statue of Liberty, we hung out here at Ellis Island and learned a bit of history. Now it’s time to head back to Manhattan.

The Palisades

6. Washington DC

New York – The Sopranos Sites Tour

Welcome to on location tour Sopranos Tour. We were always reading episode after episode. You see a little bit of your family in The Sopranos. I think it’s highly entertaining, really well done. Informative, good fun. Yeah, great fun. Yeah. Yeah. When I see the location, it really brings you back to the show. You can’t believe you’re actually there seeing this stuff. What you see on telly still has that magic, you know? Well, I’ve seen the whole of The Sopranos twice, so I feel like I know this landscape anyway. So it just feels a little bit like coming home. I would definitely recommend it, yeah. Whether you just started out reading the show or you’re a die-hard supporter. Oh, Soprano fans, definitely recommend it. Brilliant. And the more that you’re into it I think it really will mean something.

Washington DC

5. The Hamptons

New York City – Central Park TV and Movie Sites Walking Tour

It was really neat like walking through and being like oh yeah, this is where the actors walked through. This is where they shot it. You might also recognize this as the You’ve Got Mail bridge, a lot of people call it, it’s one of its nicknames. Has anyone seen Home Alone 2 perhaps? So you might recall Kevin McAllister befriends the pigeon lady. She actually stations herself right there.

The Hamptons

4. Fire Island

I will mention Limitless with Bradley Cooper. That does take place here on Wollman Rink as well. If you guys have recognized this from the Sex and the City TV series as well. Has anyone seen the new movie Trainwreck with Amy Schumer? Okay so you’re standing on the spot that they actually posted in that. This is one of the tours that is actually worth taking.

Fire Island

3. Philadelphia

I think every single tourist that comes to New York should participate in an on location tour, specifically a Central Park tour because you get to see the sights. You get to be a part of nature.


2. Governors Island

You get to see how New Yorkers relax. I enjoyed it a lot. I think it was very informational. It was really neat getting to see a lot of the park. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Governors Island

1. Niagara Falls by Plane

#1 of Day Trips From New York City

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