What to Look for in a Ghostwriter

If you are someone considering hiring a ghostwriter, it may seem like an overwhelming process. A ghostwriter is a freelance writer who will write the intended written document – typically a book – for you and you will receive the credit. In some proposals, ghostwriters will receive co-author or editing credit, but this is all down to you. Either way, you want to work with the ghostwriter that you feel is best for you and the project at hand. There are a few things to think when choosing a ghostwriter.

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After using the connections in your professional network or utilizing websites like Reedsy, you may already have a few candidates in mind. One of the primary attributes to look for is the ghostwriter’s communication skills. Because not all writers admit to communicating well with others, you need to analyze this skill in particular when you hire a ghostwriter. Unlike other types of writing when communication skills can fall away next to the ability to accurately research, outline and write, ghostwriters, need to convey your voice into the piece. You need to communicate well with the ghostwriter to tie yourself completely into the piece.

As with most open positions, the experience is often crucial. You do not merely want a ghostwriter with a positive experience, but look for those with experience ghostwriting in your subject area or field. If you need a ghostwriter for medical reports, make sure the person you hire has experience with them and understands what is expected. They will appreciate not only the topics but have the tone of voice necessary to satisfy your readers.

After experience is listed, look for glowing references while hiring a ghostwriter. You want a ghostwriter that can accomplish tasks on time, write well, has a professional attitude, and listens well to what is expected of them. Timely and friendly, check the references of the ghostwriter you’d like to hire so you can find out who they truly are. As a ghostwriter, especially, they need dedication to the reader’s satisfaction.

Especially if you are hiring someone to write a book for you, you need to make sure to hire a ghostwriter that stays focused and on tasks. More than meeting deadlines, a reliable ghostwriter will check in with their client for any questions, concerns or even scheduled stops along the way to address the project’s progress.

When you are in the process of hiring that ideal ghostwriter, you should not feel overwhelmed by the time it takes. Be instead comforted in the fact that you are finding the best person for the job.

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