New York City VIP Night Helicopter Flight and Statue of Liberty Cruise

It’s a beautiful evening and it’s only gonna get more beautiful, so I’m going on a sunset cruise and then a VIP helicopter tour. I can’t wait, let’s go. For the next hour, we’re going to be whizzing across the New York Harbor and taking in the view of the dazzling New York skyline. If you look behind me, you can see a really great view of the Ground Zero memorial. The thing that I like about this tour is as you go by, you see all of those landmarks that are on your checklist when you come to New York. Wow, look at that! The sunset is so beautiful.

New York City VIP Night Helicopter Flight and Statue of Liberty Cruise Photo Gallery

You can see the lights sparkling on the water and you can see the reflections in the building. This really is a magical place to be right now. Now this is the must-have photo opportunity: The Statue of Liberty at sunset. It doesn’t get more incredible than that. So we’ve seen New York by water but now we’re gonna see it from the sky. I cannot contain my excitement. Ooh! We’re picking up! Wow, look at this! It’s so amazing! Wow! Campus there and Times Square on the right, along with Hell’s Kitchen. Wow! We’re flying above the Empire State Building! This has been an amazing day. I don’t think I’m ever gonna forget this day. It’s been superb. I’ve seen New York from the water, and now I’ve seen it from the sky and I am absolutely speechless.

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