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Right now. I’m in Lucerne Switzerland. I just a quick stop here because we will be heading up the mountain soon but.

I just wanted to trade routes with. So many famous fourth one being there’s so much chocolate here.

I even ordered again sorry. I don’t even know where to begin oh. I found the gold nuggets.

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I think we need that that’s really good. And then Pasha your chocolate. And oh gosh.

I get anything else be more than anything. I think. I might get some other okay.

So one thing. I’m instantly nervous was Switzerland. So far is that they really like flying their flag like everywhere, but in case, you don’t know, it’s whisper like it is a red flag with white cross to see it, it’s actually one of only two flags that are square, you know that now, you do square flag, it’s not rectangular, but yeah, this is the lake down here in lucerne is beautiful coke crystal clear it is.

And look they’re all like pecking it themselves interesting hey Courtney guess, but, this is SWAT link is that a horrible pun. I thought it was clever. I really thought it was really clever, it’s never gonna the time we’re going up with this foot felt because that’s what, you do in Switzerland obviously um oh my goodness guys in this view.

I’m sorry now we’re gonna be seeing well tonight we are we staying in some Lodge up mountain, it’s where the shining was filmed interesting ring, but how do, you hitchhike for a boat, but the boat hitchhike yeah okay good, you could if you want to turn run all the way around edge of the light come Nara, but that’s not gonna happen welcome to the Swiss Alps, this is absolute crap oh my goodness yeah there’s three parts yeah are, you ready. I’m ready oh my god what. ?

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