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Best Fried Pickles: Deep-fried pickle spears are served up nice and hot at Alexander Mchael’s. They are the perfect side for a burger or a beer (H ALEXANDER MICHAEL’ SO).

Best Special-Occasion Restaurant: Former president William Howard Taft once spent the night at the historic McNinch House, which now serves seven-course dinners by reservation only (H MCNINCH HOUSE OOP).

1698 The Crown cancels the monopoly the Royal African Company has Ethiopia Subway Map held on the importation of slaves into British colonies. The Royal African Company focuses most of its Ethiopia Subway Map efforts on transporting African slaves to the sugar-rich West Indies, but the decision officially opens up the Atlantic slave trade with Virginia to private enterprise. By the close of the seventeenth century, Africans comprise around 10,000 of Virginia’s total population of roughly 75,000. Most of these slaves labor on tobacco plantations on the Northern Neck and the land between the James and York Rivers. 1699 Francis Nicholson adjourns the General Assembly to Middle Plantation, where construction has already begun on the College of William and Mary. Nicholson intends to design a new capital for Virginia, as he had previously in Annapolis during his stay in Maryland. Williamsburg is to be the beneficiary of the latest Enlightenment urban design, in which radial streets converge at the capitol, the church, and the college. Nicholson is charged with implementing reforms demanded by the Board of Trade. Chief among these concerns are the increasing size of individual plantations in place of a farming middle class and the holding of multiple offices by individuals. Nicholson tries to end the headright bonanza for large slave owners but is thwarted by the council, and the Board of Trade eventually rescinds the order. Nicholson does succeed in increasing royal revenues from Virginia. 1702 Queen Anne’s War the War of the Spanish Succession in Europe breaks out between ancient adversaries England and France, and Virginia is required to send 240 men and money to New York. The burgesses refuse to do so. Nicholson is gradually losing control over the planter class that has previously supported him.

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