The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Amazon Brazil

Welcome to Manaus well, this is just our hostel in Manaus Venice is the capital of the Amazon because pretty much the starting point the Amazon the baby city the starting point to most of the Amazon turning boys what Abin Amazon which is what we’re gonna go on oh my god yes we are going on an avalanche on the door tomorrow morning yeah, it’s really late Oh Paul does for not making sense right now um we are just packing our bags, you see here basically we need to remove take our big bags.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Amazon Brazil Photo Gallery

And compress it into smaller bags because we’re not taking all this stuff up to the jungle. And. I’m pretty much wearing the same stuff the same couple days else no, but, you guys won’t smell me.

I don’t smell we’re in the middle of nowhere Stephanie oh that’s true Milly Amazon know where Stephanie what are we about to go do a Mona invert mmm, but River right there with the depending thunderstorm yeah it’s so weird, it’s like we’re super hot he went suneo. And then, you hear this thunder from far away, it’s really not that far, it’s really like right there.

I said, this is true you’re actually doing it. I’m actually. I’m sure, it’s probably fine actually okay.

I love things. I’ve been questioning here, it’s over there yeah. And during the wet season, it’s hard to like imagine how high this river actually got, you can see on the edges here just about the line.

So, it’s region where, you where those trees are now all is to expose. So yeah in january february we do underwater thanks nice on Geographic oh my gosh like those are crazy teeth, it’s what they they used for natural bug spray, you know liking that repellent, you put your hand to the nest like this they claim they first they only pick who, but if they get to your clothing a bunch and, you squeeze the ends like this, this is what the Indian use for come flies they self when they go hunting a jungle also they communication jungle when, you go in a jungle by yourself or some people they sleep committee back they use this tree no it is like mocking dead weight could hunger tuna fish. ?

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