Map of Halong Bay Vietnam

Yes welcome right now we’re getting on our traditional Chinese junk boat there’s no crews around overnight so. I are sitting our traditional change. And welcome wait to find out if we’re actually allowed to go elephants on to the man, you don’t know that yet wait to find out if we actually able to go on.

I don’t know sir, it’s just fog, it’s just fog yeah, it’s just fog, but they can’t see other boats then, you go. So fingers crossed they’re actually able to go. And stay on the boat emo the dealer’s for safety reasons.

Map of Halong Bay Vietnam Photo Gallery

And because of the the really thick mist. And fog. And if we doesn’t help that now they’ve just painted all the boats in hell of a white you’ve got the idea their head.

So they’re not leaving anyway now going out at all there was an option for a four hour cruise with some of the boats starting to go out and. I’ve started turning back. And coming back in to cancel that as well.

So pretty much options are, it’s dramatic, it’s dramatic. I should go yeah surveys on this afternoon then we think if we can get out come on clear away go away, it’s kind of clearing up kind of. I don’t know.

So gorgeous hey people didn’t no one there take your own drugs slow yes sir. I would yeah. I want to know, you were doing blogs.

And posts. I think slow kayaking in halong bay what at what time is it like 8 o’clock in the morning yeah, it’s actually really awesome, this is really beautiful right now it is gorgeous. I was gonna skip it because as a guy.

I don’t know if. I want to get up early, but, it’s gorgeous, but, you made the right choice. I made a right choice all right we got to go over to that cave now Krista all right let’s do it shall we shriek.

I act that way for pointing the wrong way now monkeys monkeys, you won’t give me any money I’d say on to see there, you what. I don’t anyone can see there we gotta do a monkey haul. I’m gonna do it Christopher sitting here waiting for a monkey come on the boat yeah come on monkeys where, you at monkeys well are, you supposed to be monkeys here, but we have nail taphonomy.

So try your monkey calls. And all of that yes except. I don’t actually know where Seguin monkey Wiggy.

I feel like like a high-pitched grill is like danger danger Tigers maybe or what if we need the food call like come hither, you have food what’s that one a monkey. I don’t know, you should Google okay ready monkey monkey cyttorak monkey. And what work, you should do it again do the really high-pitched screaming wood tree tried the banana Co banana is no no monkeys, you you.

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