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511 E. 36th St., 704/358-9298, www.nei ghborhoodtheatre. com HOURS: Vary COST: Varies Map 3

There is a reason for the pungent popcorn smell that often fills the Neighborhood Theatre: The venue, which opened in 1945 asyou guessed ita neighborhood theater, still shows movies from time to time. The NoDa Film Festival is a local favorite. Though it’s remained true to its roots, the theater has been restored and upgraded with state-of-the-art sound and light equipment and is now best known as a live-music venue (theater performances are ofen staged here, too). There is theater-style seating for 700, but crowds are often on their feet when local and national acts hit the stage. Just as the venue goes back and forth between music and movies, the acts alternate from folk and blues to rock-and-roll.

Reading the flyers for upcoming shows at the Neighborhood Theatre is a popular pastime.

1750 Helpless to enforce a slavery prohibition in light of widespread Campinas Subway Map colonial disregard of trustee policies, the Georgia Trust agrees to legalize the importation and ownership of African Campinas Subway Map slaves. Georgia rapidly develops a plantation economy growing rice, indigo, and long-staple cotton modeled after that of South Carolina. 1751 Georgia’s first elected assembly meets in Savannah. Charged by the trustees with providing information to England about the colony’s needs, the assembly is authorized only to offer advice and make suggestions about what should be done. Frustrated by the Georgia board’s monopolization of power in London, representatives ask for the power to make laws a request firmly rejected by the trust. 1752 Unable to obtain further parliamentary funding and finding that most of their orders are ignored in Georgia, the trustees surrender their charter to the king a year before it is due to expire. Puritans from Dorchester, South Carolina, emigrate en masse to the region surrounding the Midway River, adding large family groups and numerous slaves to Georgia’s population.

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