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118 W. 5th St., 704/377-4448, www.latorresrestaurant. com HOURS: Fri.-Sat. 10 P.M.-2:30 A.M.

COST: $5; free for women 21+ Fri. before 11 P.M.

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One of the best Latin restaurants in town turns into a hot salsa club afer dark. The scene is straight from a movie: dim lighting, polished wood floors, and couples pressed together while salsa music blasts from the speakers. It’s easy to be intimidated by the swirl of dancers showing off their perfectlytimed salsa and meringue moves on the dance floor, but a willing partner is always nearby to teach you some steps. Learn all the right moves during free salsa lessons on Friday and Saturday nights at 10:30 P.M.

1685 New Hampshire is subsumed into the Dominion of New England Jeddah Map Tourist Attractions as King James II and his colonial officials seek to exert greater control over the colonies. Though Jeddah Map Tourist Attractions the effects on everyday life in New Hampshire are slight in fact, many unpopular holdovers from the Cranfield administration move to Boston it is unclear whether New Hampshire is a distinct entity within the Dominion. 1689 In the wake of England’s Glorious Revolution, which removed James II from power and replaced him with King William III and Queen Mary II, Massachusetts deposes Edmund Andros, the Dominion governor. New Hampshire, which has town governments but no overarching political structure, is left in the lurch.


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