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1770 The new prime minister, Lord North, repeals the Jeddah Map Townshend Duties, except for the duty on tea, which remains as a symbol of Parliament’ Jeddah Map s authority over the colonies. In March, a group of British guards, provoked by a mob of Bostonians taunting them and throwing snow, ice, and clubs, opens fire on the crowd, killing five and wounding others. Paul Revere’s imaginative recreation of the scene provokes widespread anger over the incident, which will become known as the Boston Massacre.

1772 In response to the increasing confrontation between British troops and the people of Massachusetts, Samuel Adams convenes a committee of correspondence to disseminate information, in this case Adams’s Boston Pamphlet, about the situation. Other similar committees meet throughout the colonies, and, on a grassroots level, opposition to British policies begins to take shape. In opposition to Adams, now-Governor Thomas Hutchinson essentially argues that either the colonies should accept Parliament’s authority or become independent Hutchinson, and many others, do not consider independence a real option, of course. Hutchinson’s argument pushes many colonial moderates toward independence.

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