Bluestone Bistro US Map & Phone & Address

1799 Commonwealth Ave Brighton; (617) 254-8309

663 Main St, Waltham; (617) 891-3339

There is an easygoing class about the Bluestone, which manages to be chic without trying too hard. The look of the place, dark marble walls and tables, is actually just painted on. Rhythm and blues give a little beat to the casual atmosphere.

And the food is first-rate, a triumph of cuisine over cash. Pizzas, pastas, and calzones comprise the menu but these are the kind you’d expect to find on Beacon Hill, not in Brighton. For $7.25, two people can split a pizza with a thick, hot chewy crust and Bluestone’s own sauce. Then, for 750 each, add on a variety of toppings, from andouille sausage or artichoke hearts to bay shrimp, blackened chicken, pine nuts, smoked turkey, sun-dried tomatoes, and many more. Calzones, $5.95, contain five cheeses and your choice of fillings, like chicken with pesto.

The pastas are wonderful too, served with sourdough bread. Try the tagliatelli with chicken tenderloin, with artichoke hearts in a roasted red pepper cream sauce ($10.50), or Checkerboard Ravioli, featuring spinach and black pepper pasta stuffed with a spinach-ricotta filling in a tomato basil sauce ($8.95).

Appetizers are inventive, from a California Cobb salad with bacon and fresh trout ($5.95) to Prairie Fire ($4.75), spicy, warm beans with blue com chips for dipping. It’s all

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