Sights and Attractions in LUXEMBOURG CITY


Apart from the EEC buildings (the European Tower is 24 storeys high), the late Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady with its Renaissance door (17th century); the Grand Ducal Palace, which was built in 1572 as the Town hall and the so called Spanish Tower with large parts of the fortress still intact today.

While her husband had not seen the same visions, he did admit to some strange, unexplainable happenings. Mark recalled one morning when he and Mari woke up to find several painful scratches on their bodies. The scratches could not be explained.

Mari’s fears escalated when their five-year-old son was affected. A few days previous, just before dinner, the little boy suddenly complained of a pain on his side. They lifted his shirt to see a large red mark. Very much like a burn. Mari was concerned that whatever remained in the home and business might now be going after their son.

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