Polk Museum of Art

Facilities: Classrooms. Gallery Theatre.

Activities: Arts Festival. Education Programs (adults, undergraduate college students, and children): Films: Gallery Talks: Guided Tours: Lectures: Permanent E,xhibits.

The Art Gallery presents a wide variety of art in temporary exhibitions and also maintains a small permanent collection.

Maitland Art Center

Closed: Legal Holidays.

Facilities: Galleries (4); Gardens with relief sculpture; Shop; Studios.

Activities: Art Classes (quarterly); Concerts; Guided Tours (by appointment); Lecture Series (Thursday evening); Permanent Exhibits; Temporary Exhibitions.

Publications: annual report; exhibition catalogues; newsletter, “The Maitland Art Center” (quarterly); school schedule (quarterly).

Polk Museum of Art Photo Gallery

The Maitland Art Center is a complex of twenty-two stucco buildings, highly decorated with cement carvings resembling art from the Mayan and Aztec cultures. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are also gardens among the buildings. The exhibitions at the Art Center consist of works by contemporary American artists and craftsmen, both established and emerging.

Melbourne Brevard Museum of Art and Science, Inc. (BMAS)

Publications: catalogues; newsletter, “Museletter” (quarterly).

The Brevard Museum of Art & Sciences features exhibitions by internationally and nationally known artists, as well as Florida artists representing a wide variety of styles, periods, and media. The Museums multiple gallery spaces allow for simultaneous exhibitions or the showcasing of a spectacular work, an individual artist, or a special theme exhibition. The museum presents eight to ten] exhibitions per year of works from public, private, and corporate collections. The collections at the Museum include contemporary works by many American artists, such as Emery, Schapiro, and Nevelson. There is also European, Asian, ancient Egyptian, and traditional African art.

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