Hey gotta hit the jumper Ella is there any care of her. But if you guys saw it a couple of days ago we realized that we didn’t have Vietnamese visas, and we leave tonight we go to the airport in seven hours, and we don’t have a passport at the moment.


So we’re just heading in through the consulate visas believing my nervous that they’ve like done something yeah users okay all right II just got home I need to finish some of this packing I want to make like a little medical kit. But a little medical kit where I can put the bad guys in panadol, and debt hole, and stuff in there for little injuries I guess. But we also just went to the PIO bar, and there’s a postcard from Madrid which is amazing I really really want to go to Spain – thank you so much Claudia if we do ever come to Madrid, I’ll contact you you’re also studying architecture, and you’re gonna move into Milan that is awesome we really want to come to Milan. So, I’ll let you know if we ever come, and we also have a letter opener hang on let me put you down here hi all right I think it’s from Joyce in Texas oh my gosh I’ve never been to Texas, and it is way off on my like us bucket list don’t be awesome we actually had some friends I moved to Texas, I’m always. So jealous oh those things coming out what is in here I think I maybe, I’ll read the letter first what is this saying all the things she loved in a level that’s so cute oh this is cute uh-huh she thinks you should go to Iceland I want to go to Iceland whoa I need to know why these things are in here you didn’t explain these in your letter what is it. So good a Metro pass from August I’ve got a Metro pass in the letter, and also a grey line a greyhound line ticket from Austin to San Antonio from May 2018 you didn’t explain why oh thanks Joyce there that is such a lovely letter Oh you guys all right ready get into my finish off this packing. Because we have to leave for the airport in a few hours it’s gonna be such a long night.

Because clay is gonna take us to the airport at nine o’clock, and we don’t fly out to like 1 a.m. or something. But I feel bad making a stay up cause she has work early in the morning. So she’s gonna drop us at 9:00 we’re gonna hang out at the airport for a bit probably try, and get tide. So we can sleep on the flight. But, I’m pretty sure our flight goes from purse tickle alum pot, and then when cool alone for like five hours, and then from cool alum power we’re off to Bangkok.

But we do really enjoy the cool Loompa Airport as a stopover. So it’s not. So bad, and I also know it very well from last time. Because we have spent many hours at the KL Airport. But I think the next time I actually think I might go have a nap as well. Because the next time, I’m gonna lie in a bed is this time tomorrow, and that’s very sad we’re just luck I just purchased travel insurance which means we are ready to go very well I know I know we haven’t dinner, I’m so tired, I’m not ready for a long flight Steve feels. So weird having time to be able to have a cup of tea show us their posts ready face shows that blog very rich look show us the pub jump up.

But we need to see your face alright guys just bored you yesterday by showing us what we packed for clothes, and I thought today, I’ll show you what I passed in terms of Technology. Because I know a lot of you are interested in like postging your holidays or taking photos, and what we do on the technology side. So I have to be very quick. So of course we have our two laptop we have iPad that’s purely for entertainment purposes phone yeah for being a phone we got our chargers, and as you can see, I’m very anal when it comes to my cord. So I actually Ziploc everything in terms of like what it’s for. So got my iPhone charges there in I’ve got like the external battery turn of God you know camera charges all in the one ziplock. But yeah continue.

So I have my like for PowerPoint. Because you know you never have enough like things charging as you can see by all this technology I’ve just like a crappy like ten dollar mouse it just helps me edit so much easier than using the trackpad on the laptop got our gorilla pod for the cameras the sony a7s to that we pretty much post with got our gopro here as well got the laptop chargers got just you know basic lens cleaning kit which i need to use more often to be honest got the this stuff is yes I love my entertainment giant nerd I’ve got my DS, and my vida to keep me entertained. Because both of them really just don’t have the best battery life. So I just bring both until one runs out harddrive backup hard drive. Because of course you guys know what happened in Costa Rica when we lost everything. So I always keep everything backed up, and yeah I’ve got to get like the camera gear into here, and then I’ve got to really just get everything into there everything else into their main reason is this is the first time that we are like traveling with a backpack, and usually I have like a side bag. But it’s just not it’s actually really annoying to hold it, and walk around with it.

Because laptops are just. So unbelievably heavy we like below the a kilogram carry-on luggage everytime I swear my carry-on sometimes is like more what we check in. So this time. Because, I’m gonna have the camera backpack on my front chest is then gonna have to have the laptops, and all the other gear on her front as well. So then we have the clothes on the back we have the camera gear on the front. Because of course we’re translucent. So you gotta be careful you don’t want to get robbed or anything, and that’s pretty much Hummers like valuable stuff in that backpack.

So we went for like a low-key black backpack literally just like $20 from Big W just. Because it just needs to look like there isn’t much in there, and I got the camera back there Tommy’s gonna launch chips Maddy thank you thanks Cleo some way too tight for this soon anagen it was like super duper rainy outside hope it doesn’t delay any flight I won’t be in here jinx it I know I should have for once, I’m glad we’re not checking in over there no one’s flying our airline is that a good thing or a bad air you were flying Malinda air give you guys our full review in the morning I swear only at airports yet like comically large just sweet like really do you need that kick up megamix actually we do we do let’s do it he did that last time what are you doing I found this just give that to me entertain me as you guys can maybe tell by our craziness our flights been delayed alright guys that is life 1:20 a.m. were meant to be the air at this time I am officially dead. But we shall see tomorrow when the travel really begins.

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