BEST And WORST Travel Moments of 2018

Happy 2018 everybody I’d welcome to my first post of 2018 we’re actually going to talk about stuff that happened in 2018 that’s right, this is my best. And worst travel moments post where.

I cover all of me unfortunate things that happen to meet all my travels. And some of the amazing highlights of things that happened to me on my travels. So yeah that’s best actually getting to do something on New Year’s Eve now, this is the first New Year’s Eve that.

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I’ve ever done something normally. I’m just at home, but this year. I got to go to hog mini which is a big huge New Year’s Eve celebration in Scotland.

I got to party. I got to listen to amazing artists. And musicians with outdoor concerts.

And there was of course lots of lots of fireworks. I also took part in the fire torch parade all in all it was an amazing experience. And.

I’m really glad. I actually got to kick off 2018 with a bang wurst now. I am blessed with a pretty good immune system.

I rarely get sick and. I have not gotten the flu in. I want to say between 6 to 10 years.

I honestly don’t even remember last time. I got the flu unfortunately on New Year’s Day. I got the flu it was kind of going around in our group.

And it hit me hard. And it hit me bad up it was brutal. I was.

So so sick. I had chills. I was, you know doing lots of other things.

I was also hungover from the night before and. I also had a time of month right on the same freaking day. So needless to say New Year’s Day 2018 was probably one of the worst days of my life best.

So 2018 was the first time. I got to fly business class now. I noticed my surprise because.

I travel a lot but I don’t actually fly business class. I fly a log budget airlines.

And other types of airlines a variety of airlines um so. I got to do it actually twice this year. And I’m.

So excited because it was such a treat the first time was with Turkish Airlines sounds when I went flew to Turkey because it was with Turkish Airlines the second time was with British Airlines when I went to the UK for Lovebox.

So oh it was such a treat was just. So comfortable lying down on an international flight, it’s just. So wonderful.

So wonderful worst or just really disappointing now Cappadocia is famous for several things, but the main thing is hot-air balloons it is like one of the best places ever to take a hot-air balloon. I’m sure you’ve seen the hot air balloon pictures all over Instagram, this is what, it’s supposed to look like now we only had one day in Cappadocia to do this unfortunately it was pouring rain it was cloudy it was windy. And all the balloons were canceled there was like this iffy period with like oh we might run it.

So we waited there in the hotel for about an hour fingers crossed. And then unfortunately the call came in again. And no hot air balloons were flying that day.

And we flew all the way there to go on hot-air balloons that was very disappointing because obviously it would be such an amazing experience that seeing a rocket launch in Orlando. I don’t even know if. I need to explain anymore.

I mean like a rocket launching to outer space worst probably of my entire life of traveling experience driving in Europe okay. So first off there are many things many things that. I got to cover here you’re staying in a hotel in Bratislava um.

And it was about an hour. And a half bus ride from our hotel to get to the airport maybe a sec is a little bit less like that’s like an hour 20 minute bus ride cuz that’s where we were picking up the cars. I mean when, you rent a car the easiest place to pick it up is at the airport there’s always rental cars at the airport.

So we bust near my sister bust over to the airport get our papers ready we’re all ready to rent our car. And the budget guy was like we don’t have a car for, you. I’m like wait what do, you mean.

And he looked on it. And we had the wrong date we hired the car for tomorrow instead of today which was totally our mistake. And we already checked out of a hotel in Bratislava.

So we didn’t know where we’re gonna stay for the next night. And it was totally gonna mess up our whole travel plans to get to trenching because we already had accomodation booked attention for that night he eventually fixed that one because we negotiated with a bunch of guys. And he didn’t which defined us a car later that afternoon.

So we just had to bus back to hotel an hour. And a half. And then bus again back to the budget place, but this time with all of our luggage etc next problem that we experienced was we hired a GPS because we didn’t know where we were driving to in, you know we were driving in Slovakia Czech Republic.

I never been there before. I don’t know where. I’m going GPS seems like a logical thing to do right hmm yeah there are various degrees of GPS, you get the GPS make sure that it is an updated GPS because our GPS that we got was at least 10 years old they were roads missing they were complete highways.

And freeways missing from this GPS does a reoccurring theme for the whole week. And a half that we had this car after a lot of trial. And error where we actually ended up going through these random countryside roads.

And dirt roads in the middle of nowhere cuz we were following where the GPS was telling us instead of following where the road signs were telling us it was a bit of a struggle because we were they were a lot of roads we did not know where we’re going. And it was a lot of yelling. And it was really really stressful we bought some real road maps.

And after that it was okay definitely best now if you followed along on my Slovakia. And Czech Republic trip that was a trip that. I took with my sister.

And my dad now we’ve been planning it for a while. And we really want to take my dad back to where he grew up. And all the places that he grew up in.

So that whole trip to me is one of the most special trips. I’ve ever taken in my life because there was just so much meeting behind it.

And we were mainly just seeing old places that my dad grew up where he went to school visiting old friends that he had. And huge learning experience for both me. And my sister just seeing where all of our family grew up from like where we were originally from before we immigrated well before my parents stopped immigrated to Canada probably one of the most special trips.

I’m ever going to take in a very long time worst um. So before. I went to China.

I was warned that I’d be going during a Chinese national holiday now. I was like okay, it’s gonna be a bit busier. I understand that’s what.

I get for going there were national Chinese holiday. I did not know nearly how busy busy could be in China. I’m sure, you guys even saw the car jam picture when.

I was in Beijing of all the cars trying to get to places now imagine this in all the tourist attractions. I was trying to get to there were a couple times where. I literally went to like the Summer Palace.

I was going to the Summer Palace on one of the days. I could not move. I could not go anywhere.

I was actually getting claustrophobic because they were pushing. And shoving and. I just.

I had to leave. I was there for 19 20 minutes and. I just had to leave normally, it’s fine.

I’ve been to China before. And China is a really unique place. And really awesome to go to just don’t go during a holiday now.

I’m not quite sure where this one fits if, it’s a best orbit in the worst category cuz, it’s kinda like. I don’t know how I feel about this category.

So that was when I got to do a Turkish bath in Turkey now a Turkish bath is basically a group bath where, you have people scrub, you. And bathe, you like they bathe, you so.

I was with a bunch of other bloggers. And we all had to get completely naked now girls we still had like, you the option to wear underwear if you did which we all did, but everything else was like it was like full deal Oh which is great interesting experience um, but there were a lot of boobs there were just a lot of boobs all around and, you could just see everything. And we just kind of sat there first then it was awkward at first.

And then it got a little less awkward. And then. I continue to get more awkward.

And then, you just kind of enjoyed the scrubbing of soaps all over your body by another person apparently the guys had it a little bit worse cuz they didn’t have anything. And they had other men scrubbing them. So women had women scrubbing them.

And men had the men scrubbing them. So. I’m putting it is one of my most interesting experiences this year definitely the most interesting.

So yeah those are all the best. And worst things that happened to me in 2018 all my travel adventures thank you so much for reading this post.

I want to know now what are your best or worst travel moments of 2018 where did, you guys go what works about the craziest or best things that happen to, you please let me know down below in the comments because. I am. So excited to hear all of your stories.

I love hearing other people’s travel stories, it’s just oh gosh this is. So cool. And if you haven’t seen my end of your wrap-up post at the end of your hotel wrap-up post.

I’m going to leave links there or down below there and. I highly recommend, you go watch them because. I’m still proud of them.

And they’re really really cool posts, it’s just pretty awesome posts. So yeah there we have it um thank, you again for reading this post. And don’t forget to comment to my blog for all the 2018 travel ventures that are coming.

I am okay bye. ?

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