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Hellingly Station really came into its own in 1899 when work Angola Metro Map started on constructing the huge East Sussex Asylum, later to become known as Hellingly Mental Hospital, Angola Metro Map which was completed in 1903. To facilitate the conveyance of passengers to the hospital from the main line, a branch line was constructed, running from Hellingly Station to the hospital.

The line, which was electrified, ceased to carry passengers in 1931, but freight traffic continued until March 1959, the freight consisting of coal which was used for the hospital’s boilers and generators which in turn provided power for the electric locomotive. Beyond Hellingly you drop down to cross Mill Lane, and shortly go over a modest-looking river. This is in fact the Cuckmere, the estuary of which is one of the most picturesque and impressively unspoilt features on the Sussex coast. You continue through quite glorious countryside, with fields and woodland on both sides, and a real sense of tranquillity.

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