Best United States Destination Wedding Spots

We’re getting married outdoors during our destinations warm season. How can we keep everyone cool and comfortable?

THE PRO Based in Virginia and California, Antonia Christianson is the driver behind Antonia Christianson Events, which has executed destination weddings for 15 years.

Warm-weather weddings almost always make for gorgeous pictures, but can leave guests, the wedding party and the couple sweltering. Skip large fans they don’t always cool things down, just push warm air around and instead create shade. We had a couple this past summer who were married on the Lynnhaven River in coastal Virginia.

They decided to make a white draped structure over the ceremony that was beautiful for photographs and also created shade for their guests. Another option: Pass chilled beverages or snacks, like coconut water, punch and frozen fruit, when your guests arrive.

Also, word your invitation to let guests know they should dress to enjoy the wedding without roasting the afternoon away. A little note on the invitation or on your wedding website like linen casual’ or resort attire’ lets guests know you welcome sundresses, breathable clothes and a little less formality.

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