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Platforms at various levels within the Tower dispense long-distance views, food at various prices and ambiance, a small movie theater, and at the very top the best view of Paris around. The summit is open until 11 p.m. and has four remote control elevators to serve it. The first-floor restaurant, La Belle France, offers a fixed price lunch and dinner and such a la carte main dishes as veal with roquefort sauce, salmon fillet, and sirloin steak. On the same floor is the Salle Gustave Eiffel, a multipurpose room for rent to conference groups and others. Snack bars serve croissants, quiches and pate sandwiches. And for the postcard-sending tourist there is a post office which affirms that the visitor has indeed been to the Eiffel Tower by stamping outgoing mail with an Eiffel Tower seal.

The Louvre in Paris is probably the best known art museum in the world. It occupies what was an enormous palace. It is really six separate museums which for the museum-lover will take weeks of study. Notre Dame Cathedral sits in the very core of Paris, the lie de la Cite, awesome in its majesty. The Arc de Triomphe is another Parisian landmark, located at the top of one of the world’s great avenues, the Champs d’Elysses (the Elysian Fields). Largest of its kind, the arch was built in tribute to Napoleon, who despite his eventual defeat remains one of France’s great heroes. The Invalides, tomb of Napoleon and the Sacre-Coeur Basilica are musts.

From France history: Finally, Her Royal Majesty is also well satisfied that the France Map Tourist Attractions said office of his government shall continue and exist for three years, after the lapse of which France Map Tourist Attractions he, the said John Printz, shall be free to return hither again, after the necessary arrangements have been made in regard to his successor, or some substitute in the said service. Should he, the said John Printz, have a desire to continue longer in this charge, he shall have the preference over others therefor, provided that the advantage and service of Her Majesty and the crown, and of the Company, so demand. Given as above. PAEHR BRAHE, HERMAN WRANGEL, CLAES FLEMMING, AXEL OXENSTIERNA, GABRIEL BENGTSSON OXENSTEIRNA AND. GYLLENKLOU. The voyage to New Sweden was at that time quite long.

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