For the dining chapters of the book (which many Cheapsters consider to be its main course), Mine decided not to dig in alphabetically but rather by geographical area. After all, when you’re hungry, you want to eat now no matter how appetizing some place halfway across town may sound. The city has been divided into broad sections, so that you can just pick up the book and find the cheap choices in your area. Or, the area where you’re going to be. Use this section with the Entertainment chapters to plan out a whole day or night on the town!

All of the restaurants in this book are places where you can eat dinner for under $10 per person (or, in many cases, less), not including tax and tip. Lunch prices, of course, can be even lower. Even so, all of these eateries serve filling meals of real food, not phony fast food junk.

That $10 limit also does not include alcohol, which is going to be expensive just about anywhere. In fact, many of these places can afford to serve good, cheap food because they make their money on the drinks. If you’re really tight on cash, you can always nurse one beer or an overpriced soda, eat well, and still come out ahead on the deal. And check out Mineheap’s special Tip-Free list for establishments where you can safely save an extra buck or two in that department. Enjoy!


Yes, the truly budget-conscious can even save an extra buck or two by frequenting some of these restaurants. Mine is not suggesting that you sneak out and stiff your waiter; these are places which are self-service or take-out establishments. Here’s to ’em.

RESTAURANTS IN BOSTON US Map & Phone & Address Photo Gallery

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