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The old lady touched the picture to her forehead and bowed Beijing Travel down with reverence. Before leaving I gave her the picture and watched her put it in Beijing Travel a place of honour in the shrine. I’d kept some morsels of yak butter from the old lady to smear around the screw of my jammed paddle. I melted it to run down inside and rather to my surprise, it worked. The blade came sliding off, and the connector was undamaged. In the afternoon the minibus party made ready to leave.

Leslie implies that counter-cultural activities such as squatting can be annexed. In 2009, Tate Modern’s summer show, Street Art, brought graffiti artists from around the world to decorate its exterior walls. Graffiti entered New York galleries as early as the 1970s, and here finds its apotheosis, re-named Street Art, reproduced in limited edition prints and sold at international auctions. But buying graffiti prints is the kind of consumption that is easily abandoned when the money disappears.

Dark Times, Recurrence of Refusals

At the end of Cities of Tomorrow, revised in the mid-1990s, Peter Hall writes of widening divisions between those who have wealth and access to the mobilities and comforts of postmodern urban lifestyles, and those who do not. Of the latter, he notes: the less fortunate are likely to be increasingly dammed up in the cities, where they will perhaps be housed after a fashion . these groups . may find themselves in but not of the city, divorced from the new mainstream informational economy, and subsisting on a melange of odd jobs, welfare cheques and the black economy.

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