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If you take it upon you to write such things as Miami Subway Map you are charged with, it lies upon you to prove them true, at your peril. Miami Subway Map If you have any witnesses, I will hear them. How came you to write those books which are not true? If you have any witnesses, produce them. If you can offer any matter to prove what you wrote, let us hear it.’

Thus said, and thus did, that great man, Lord Chief Justice Holt, upon a trial of the like kind with ours; and the rule laid down by him in this case is that he who will take upon him to write things, it lies upon him to prove them, at his peril. Now, sir, we have acknowledged the printing and publishing of those papers set forth in the information and, with the leave of the Court, agreeable to the rule laid down by Chief Justice Holt, we are ready to prove them to be true, at our peril.

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