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I should really say ladies because, this is a female travel QA or we a group of my favorite travel FEMA ladies are gonna answer your travel questions on social medias hi. I’m Ron from Rio is here Kristen from hopscotch the boat and. I am Carrie.

And my blog is Kerry rad is from Garrett Keefe Tim do, you have any tips experience on hairdos. And maybe don’ts when, you are traveling. And don’t have access to a shower for four to five days can.


I shampoo the camp at yes how much dry shampoo over like five days yeah, you start to like build strong. So if. I do would be dry shampoo, but my don’t would be like Oh too much dry shampoo.

And make sure, you put it underneath. And not here because sometimes it sort of looks like dandruff which sucks if you know you’re not gonna have access to a shower maybe plan your hairstyles like Sundays like. I’m hair natural.

And then like a ponytail then braids. And then like a messy bun. And then a hat.

And then, you have all four days already done, you don’t have to think about it merica em. And asked do, you feel safe in a hostile mix storms. And have, you ever had a bad experience.

And also we know that, you can get in hostels, you have female burns yeah any of mixed storms so. I think it totally depends on where, you are in the world. I just did a hostel trip all through Europe.

I stayed in like six different households in different countries and. I say to mix storms every time and. I felt totally safe Europe is like.

So great for hospitals. And, it’s just the most welcoming easy hostile life ever in Costa Rica. And.

I’m Ellen safe only because. I was in place somebody that. I knew there as well but.

I mean. I’ve never been into a hostel alone um the one thing is boys are generally a bit more Messier. And then they snore.

And they never felt unsafe. I think if you are in a mixed storm situation. I think the bigger tip is to get a bigger seismic storm.

So there’s more people. I mean the more people, you have around it the less likely something’s gonna happen because, it’s not like you’re there’s less chance of, you guys, you being alone which is generally if yeah whatever that’s when things get unsay yeah yeah. So ke Queen tux ass how do.

I travel with my girlfriend without pissing her off. And ruining the trip also being myself that, you are reading this post a little female advice for, you for not pissing your girlfriend off when you’re traveling give her space if she needs yeah oh yeah good. I mean most of us travel with all our boyfriends or husbands and.

I think Sarah and. I have spent like. I don’t know countless hotels or nights.

And hotels together now and, you learn a lot when traveling with a significant other for me. I just asked him to keep all the stuff in one area because. And like a clean freak.

And as long as he knows that we’re good but I like many bees like when I use himself it yeah.

So, you learn more bottoms. I don’t really mind that to be yourself yeah. I think having little like agreements like that yeah really well like yeah Louise super messy look on the desk area.

I’m like the desks are always for, you that’s fine then don’t look messes the bed or whatever. So like both of, you might have little things like that so. I think, you for my sweet opposite means yeah.

I’m in a mess tea but I also think, it’s really important to have your own separate adventures. And that doesn’t necessarily mean like a long time apart it could be even a couple hours in a day or an entire day.

I think that gives, you more to talk about when, you come back together. And makes, you miss that person and. I don’t know any small little bickering go away.

I know everything to you. I hang out a little bit messier than. I like so.

I don’t that necessarily, but, you know we. I think the best thing to do is not go into a trip with expectations and. I think that’s for both partners especially if you’re taking an actual vacation like if, it’s not a work trip or anything like that and, you just want to explore.

And just go out. And do all these different things to just kind of go in. And have no expectations.

And just kind of just enjoy everything with each other. And then also having your time alone. I think is are so important, you need to have space when you’re with somebody for every second of like heavy cream you’re longing like boyfriend girlfriend for just spiraled strategies like, you really do need to make sure, you have that space because you’re gonna spend a lot of time together with each other. And yeah. I would also say to go along with what you’re saying if you guys want to do different things like be cool with that like sometimes.

I’m like. I just want to sit in a cafe. And read a book for a couple hours.

And then, it’s like cool. I’m gonna go explore this place that, you don’t really wanna explore with me. And that’s like be okay with that, you don’t have to do everything like together the whole trip, you can do your own stuff once in a while Diet COO Matz asks.

I have someone who has really terrible period cramps is there any way to ease the whole period situation when traveling especially when you’re on the move. So periods on the move girls yeah sometimes yes yeah cramps. I’m gonna go up hippy on this ivory oils there’s a there’s a company called sage, but.

I’m sure there’s other similar companies. And, it’s just like natural oils that, you can rub on the areas are causing pain. And it goes away there’s natural supplements that, you can take that have worked for me couple times, it’s been really bad.

And the hotel have a lot of hotels actually have hot water bottles which yes yeah. So if, it’s hurting just call down a lot or one time they did it. And we just we have a kettle in the room in a plastic water bottle.

And don’t let make it boiling. And like melt the plastic if you get it warm enough it can still help, you yeah. And then like wrap it.

And towel yeah. I’m kidding. I’m all about positions like almost yoga positions tell us what kind of, you know.

I don’t know if. I could do one right now stuff like that like. I just kind of like sitting them.

And like move around. And of course like. I take like a motrin or something.

I always have that time as. I can head. And stuff like that not like the healthiest option, but like a quick yeah.

I get really bad cramps like to the point of just wanting to cry in a ball so. I sometimes have to opt for a medicine versus Angela she told me about that yesterday and. I really wanted to Mike.

So Mike healthy option but I have to take a leave, it’s the only one that works for me so. I’ve heard our motrin or Aleve works for me.

And like. I say. I just give me my purse as well and, you just, you know when, you feel it you’re like.

I think, it’s coming we just got to be smart. And taking it cuz on the plane, it’s a girl yeah when you’re stuck going home like really clean of Cassandra Odyssey ass how do, you keep up with hair color on the road long term. I mix dye into my shampoo.

So every like like maybe once a week once every other week. I will just use that shampoo. And like.

I did today. And now, it’s like bright pink again. I have blonde hair.

So most people get their hair down every like 4 to 6 weeks. I just have my hairdresser weave it in really naturally. So that way if.

I can’t get home a section slider, you tell to get my hair done. And if. So if.

I can’t get there to get it done. I can like let it go for like four maybe even five months. And it just kind of looks like it like a natural like what is that wrong having pieces weaved through.

So that it when it grows out it just looks like the Sun yeah, you just don’t want a harsh line if you can avoid the harsh line then you’re good for a little long time oh yeah because. I was blonde for like a while on my blog. And then

I went to Auburn Hanna avid Olos asks how do, you navigate going out at night experiencing nightlife. And sing safe as a female woman especially if you’re in a place you’re not familiar with. I would say go out in a group.

And we if you have one like. I know some people travel alone. So just like that definitely go along with that one, but if either don’t go out alone go with a group, it’s definitely.

I feel safer that way especially somebody does choose to drink sometimes. I ought not to. So that way.

I can be a little yeah baby center make sure everyone gets home pay or just name somebody that. I have to be like receiving driving generally yeah yeah just make sure everyone’s safe, it’s just smart that way just be smart when you’re traveling that’s why. I love hostels too because even if you are alone like everyone in hostels wants to go out at night like that.

So, you can have a group to go with yeah this one’s pretty obvious but I think just being really aware of your surroundings at all times. I think it’s.

So easy to like get caught up on our phones or just like looking down when we’re walking. And not necessarily like. I know.

I’m sort of paranoid so. I like. I’m constantly staring at everybody around me and.

I like look behind me like five times when I’m walking but I think that that’s good because being hyper aware when you’re alone in some place that, you have that, you don’t know where you’re going or where, you are what like it might be like in that area then

I just think being like hyper aware is such a good way to keep yourself safe don’t move your head up. I find like being a confident like, you you own the place like, you know the place not when, you don’t yeah in male or female there’s always going to be sketchier situations at nighttime than there are during the day like don’t go through dark alleys make sure, you have a way to get home and, you know, you plan out for, you drink play yeah write down the address of your hotel whatever yeah make sure, you heart oh yeah, you know where you’re getting back to. And let somebody know that you’re going out for the night like, it’s those are safety precautions, you take anywhere in the world regardless of if you’re traveling right or if you’re at home, it’s good to make sure that your phone is fully charged we do have phones.

And and we like they are great ways to play are we going yeah. I know back in the day they didn’t have that we have them make sure they’re charged because there’s been. So many times where I’ll like walk out.

And be like oh no yeah yeah thank you so much for asking your lovely questions. And Oh check out all these ladies I’ll leave information down below go comment to them.

And we’re gonna go off to a gallery. ?

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