Baghdad Subway Map

The basement seemed to be one corridor after another.

Walking through hallways and rooms, we realized the basement was enormous. He brought us to a small room almost hidden behind another room. In the early days special guests of the hotel would use this room to play cards. At that point Jim was asked if the hotel served liquor during prohibition. He didn’t know for sure but thought it was a strong possibility.

Turning down another corridor Jim pointed out that employees often hear voices and footsteps in these hallways. There is also a feeling of general discomfort and some think they are being watched.

Moving from one room to the next, we entered an area now used for maintenance and repair. It contained tools, work in progress and the like. The first floor bar was almost directly overhead. Glancing up to the ceiling, Kat saw two round holes roughly two feet in diameter, now covered. Holes in the floor, during prohibition, were quite common and used as methods of quickly and secretly bringing up or removing liquor from the upstairs bar should a raid occur. Well, the possibility the Doherty served liquor just became more probable.

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