International pleasure travel is more and more group travel including many FIT’s (foreign independent travelers), the people who plan and travel independently. Nearly all sophisticated travelers use the services of a travel agent in securing tickets since there is no additional cost. More international travelers take advantage of travel packages because of the cost advantages offered. The traveler need not travel as a part of a group. The package may or may not include ground transportation, accommodations, meals, entertainment, and a variety of services. The big appeal is economy as compared to the purchase of similar things bought individually.


The designated code recognition signal letters were: JWQM. In 1892 the registered owner was Sigval Bergesen, Stavanger. On 2 February 1905, following grounding in Moldosundet, she sank, while voyaging from Fredrikstad to Alesund. The vessel was refloated and sold to Brodrene Anda of Stavanger for scrapping; however they re-sold and repaired her. In 1905 the registered owners were Aksjeselskap Sjogutten, Kragero with A. O. Lindvig the managers. In 1907 she was owned by Aksjeselskap Sjogutten, Stavanger and L. Kloster was the manager. In 1915 she was renamed Lars Lea by new owners A/S D/S Lars Lea, Bergen and E.

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