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But the next Morning, Edmond Eliot going into Martins House Jordan Map Tourist Attractions , One of the bar’s urban legends is that of the woman killed in the third floor bathroom. We considered the third floor EVP, “He hit her,” might be related to this legend. Our search, however, did not turn up a murder. Of course, it is likely that some type of violence occurred between a man and a woman in the hotel’s history. This is very likely knowing that, at various times in its history, Bay City as a town known for its prostitution, violence and criminal underworld.

As a December 11, 1917, article in the Bay City Times Tribune reads, the city was “being made a dumping ground for both men and women of the underworld …”

The article continued, “.there exists in Bay City today a condition of lewdness and immorality calling for immediate suppression on the part of the authorities.”

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