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Europe regards her like a stranger, and England hath given Jordan Map her warning to depart. O receive the fugitive, and prepare in time an asylum for all Jordan Map mankind . Source: Thomas Paine, Common Sense: addressed to the inhabitants of Country Philadelphia: Printed and sold by W. and T. Bradford, 1791. Letters between Abigail Adams and John Adams 1776 Abigail and John Adams corresponded regularly when he was away on official duties.

“Why do you stay here? Why haven’t you gone to rest?” That’s when she heard a sound, raspy, hollow, almost mechanical. Yet, there was something human about it. The words eluded her at the time but little did she realize how important their meaning would be.

“Are you waiting for the murderer to return?” No sound or voices this time but the room was filled with an intensity that, for the first time, made Bev feel uneasy. A faint, hazy light filtered in from the open window. Enough light for her to see there was no one in the room with her; yet, Bev knew she was not alone.

“Why do you stay here?” She whispered. That’s when the second response came.

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