Michael Beauchemin US Map & Phone & Address

Michael Beauchemin US Map & Phone & Address

63 Maverick Square, East Boston;(617)567-0177

Talk about lowering the overhead:

This gallery is actually located in the home of Michael Beauchemin. He represents new, young artists in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, and photography. His goal is to give underexposed Boston artists the break they need to get to the next level of their artistic career. For you, the bonus is getting a chance to see the future of art, today. Because this is a private home, gallery hours are limited to Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 7 P.M. or by appointment.

Michael Beauchemin US Map & Phone & Address Photo Gallery

From that time on I was well and truly hooked and spent every spare minute snorkelling over the reefs around Port Dickson. Frogman’s gear was in its infancy and far beyond my pocket, but the excitement of those coral reef sorties and the underwater environment lived with me long after I came home. In the early 1960s, still hankering for the underwater life, I visited a local subaqua club on Tyneside. With a very young family to look after and mediocre wages, the cost of joining the club and then of buying the equipment I’d need was seriously prohibitive. In 1973, with a little more money at my disposal, I joined Durham British SubAqua Club and embarked on a long course of lectures and intensive pool-training. After nearly six months of two bath sessions and three lectures a week, I progressed to the ‘F’ test. The training was extremely difficult, because the tests were all performed with faulty equipment, twin-hose regulators with the return valves removed and bottles which were usually less than half full. Even if you were intending to purchase one of the new single-hose demand valves after qualifying, you were still forced to use the club’s faulty twin-hose regulators for training. Very often, as a test drew to a close, the air would run out or the faulty gear would pack up completely, leaving no alternative but to begin the whole rigmarole again the following week. And then again the week after, more often than not.

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