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141 Salem St. Boston; (617) 523-3025 An early 1995 addition to the North End restaurant scene, Spuntini combines a casual charm with prices that should help it gain a fast following. Cozy and comfortable even on a hot summer’s day, the corner storefront of seven tables is attractively done up in shades of mauve and pink. Start off with an inexpensive appetizer, like marinated olive salad for $2.50 then move on to one of several sandwiches, including four different chicken variations for no more than $4.50 each.

The blackboard on the wall sports daily specials; on Mine’s visit, these included half a dozen pasta dishes (all $6.95) like linguine with sun-dried tomatoes, lemon, and spinach. These are served on crater-sized plates certain to stuff you silly; they’re big enough for two people to share. Or, splurge for seafood with a special such as the unusual steak piz-zaiola ($11.95). What’s so unusui about that? It’s a grilled tuna steak. Mmmm. Open from 11 A.M. six days a week (Sundays from 3 P.M.), this friendly, family-run establishment welcomes you beneath its slow-turn-ing fan until 10 P.M. daily.

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