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All visitors, and especially if traveling in a group, should try a smorgasbord. A typical one might include five kinds of herring, fish pate, fish fillets, smoked halibut, shrimp, salmon, ham, fish stew, salads, cheeses, and fresh fruit. Hot meat entrees could include beef stroganoff, rib roast, or roast beef carved at the table.

Frikadeller, ground veal and pork patties, often served with pickled beets and boiled potatoes, vies as a national dish with the smorrebread (smear bread), the open-faced sandwiches spread with butter to prevent soakage.

Copenhagen, the capital and principal tourist center of Denmark, sits on an island, well away from the North Sea. It is an attractive, clean city with a sizable ocean front. Its climate, like all of Denmark, is temperate marine, moderated by the surrounding waters, not too cold in winter, never hot in summer. Average rainfall is twenty-six inches annually. July and August are the wettest, the spring months the driest.

Shoppers in Copenhagen stroll the mile-long pedestrian street called Stroget. Furs, porcelain, woolen sweaters, crystal, figurines and, of course, Danish furniture are favorites.

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