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He planted Syrah vines in 1974 the first in the United Jakarta Map States since the repeal of Prohibition and was the first Paso Robles winemaker to make a 100 percent Jakarta Map Syrah wine. Eberle officially established his own label and winery partnership in 1982, purchasing sixty-five acres just a few miles west of Estrella River Winery. That year he released his flagship wine, the 1979 Cabernet Sauvignon. He also helped establish the Paso Robles appellation and completed a utilitarian cedar winery building. The Eberle estate vineyard now produces Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Muscat Canelli grapes exclusively for Eberle wines. Eberle also has a partnership in nearby Mill Road and Steinbeck vineyards, which retain 20 percent of the harvest for Eberle wines and sell the remainder to other vintners.
To make the walls, we used forty-eight logs, each twenty-three feet long and an average of seven inches in diameter. It took about three hours to find, fell, peel, and then haul each log to camp. Setting it in place took another three. In all, you could count on six to eight hours of work per log. Opposite: Luckily, Montaine often lent a hand.

Taking a bath in the must beautiful bathroom in the world. This is a pleasure not to be stinted on, particularly when you are working with pitch-covered pine logs twelve to fifteen hours a day under the hot sun. The water in the lake, which flows directly from the surrounding glaciers, was too cold to swim in.

Since pine is very soft, we made the openings for the door and windows after the walls were completed. For the roof, we first nailed down a layer of half-round logs. We covered this with cross logs and filled the six-inch space between the two layers with moss. Finally we placed a second layer of half-round logs over the whole thing, this time with the cut side outward to shed the rain. Insulated in this way, we were warm in the cabin even when the outdoor temperature was -60° F.

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