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1635 In September, Roger Williams is banished from Salem by Baton Rouge Subway Map the Massachusetts General Court, because his religious views are deemed unacceptable by the Puritans. The following Baton Rouge Subway Map month, Williams is banished from the entire Massachusetts Bay Colony for religious dissent. He will found Providence and the colony of Rhode Island. 1637 In November, Anne Hutchinson is banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony by the Massachusetts General Court for her heretical beliefs and threat to the Puritan theocracy. She, along with her family and a group of followers move to Rhode Island, where they establish a democratic community.

1641 The Body of Liberties legal code, based on the Old Testament, is adopted in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. 1643 The New England Confederation is formed for mutual protection by the colonies of Connecticut, New Haven, Plymouth, and Massachusetts Bay. 1644 A group of eleven slaves successfully petitions the government of New Amsterdam for their freedom.

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