Wichita Kansas Map

Kansas – On the Road To Seneca

After a dip in the road in southern Nebraska welcome to Kansas! This is neat, we made it. (Nebraska Highway 281/Kansas Highway 181 heading south just across the border which flicks by before you can figure out you changed states. 14:08 PDT / 16:08 CDT, June 18, 2016, SX700 1/1000s f4.5 ISQ100 through the windscreen.)

So, uh, this is Kansas, huh? It sort of looks like we’re in the middle of nowhere. (Kansas Highway 181, aimed south at 14:13 PDT, SX700 1/1000s f3.2 ISQ100 through driver’s window.)

Guess that answers my question. We truly are in the middle of it all. (Kansas Highway 181 just a shave north by northwest of Lebanon, KS, 14:19 PDS, SX700 1/1000s f5.6 ISQ320, potentially taken over my left shoulder looking back behind the car after we passed it.)

For the curious, in middle America, unlike Middle Earth, they speak a different language “seuqitnA” printed on a flag in the window. Apparently it’s French for “Qld Stuff.” (north end of Lebanon, KS, 14:20 PDT, SX700 1/1000s f4.5 ISQ100 looking east out the driver’s side, window open likely from the previous ‘over-the-shoulder’ shot what do you mean stopping the car would’ve been easier? What’s life without a challenge, I wouldn’t stop for)

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