By another day another checkout. And we are now heading to coal yow yay that’s what.

I did anyways this morning. I put my shoe on and. I felt a movement in my shoe.

I’m like in my foot what’s on what’s going on. I don’t want this. And take off my shoe really quick take out the insult.

And then in the corner. I see a lizard it was like this big here we go let’s go he work makes the dream work let’s go reinforcements wait are, you up feel again see more taxi to go to the transfer north arrived here in cool yay yay literally only like a 30 minute speed boat to get here. And, it’s such a quiet little pier there’s really not much going on a little surprise for my brother here.


I think it’d be quite impressive where we’re staying tonight like this place is some up yes rescuers arrived we somehow got the biggest villa in the entire resort here at Sun tea essentia is like the flagship resort in coal yah yeh the island we’ve just arrived in. And we’re staying in a 12-person capacity villa like what one of my favorite things about blog is to be able to share incredible experiences with other people usually that’s Laura today. I was able to share an incredible experience with my little brother Liam and.

I have had the opportunity to travel together on family trips before, but we have never traveled together like this from the vehicle to the villa everything is d’accord in this incredible keep wood, it’s absolutely stunning and. I’ve never seen anything like this before, but the room that we were staying in would actually be the resort’s most expensive. And high-end room now the price tag on this room.

I don’t know if. I dare say it, but you’re going to be asking. So.

I’m going to let, you know this room in the high season can as much as four thousand US dollars that to me is absolutely shocking we have a five bathroom four bedroom three floor villa overlooking the sunset side of the ocean to give, you a feel for the villa, you come through an incredible wooden door, you open up these sliders come on in here. And next thing, you know you’re in the master suites this bedroom is to die for, you come out onto the balcony, you have this amazing soaker tub where, you can watch the sunset from funny enough the view actually reminded us a lot of our homes it looks a lot like parts of Vancouver into the bathroom, you have the same incredible wooden interior. And crossing over from that connecting hallway you’ve got the other spare room because of course if you’re going to be entertaining they need a place to sleep too if you’ll follow me downstairs to the second floor.

And the main living corner, this is our grand living room just outside you’ve got the sprawling infinity pool that wraps around the house. And as this displays wasn’t done we have another floor, this is the bottom floor Liam was completely shocked. So then what do, you think ask, you know, it’s the standard cooker.

And that for me was the coolest thing that we could have ever done for him to have been able to have shown him something that he couldn’t even imagine before was super cool for that that looks. So good gonna put that on the snap story, you bet me a couple of hours later it looked like our sunset was about to be robbed from us the clouds started to roll in. And we could see thunder clouds in the distance, but one of the amazing things about, this is that it actually created one of the more beautiful skies that.

I’ve ever seen it had a really dramatic look to it almost like the sky in the distance had caught on fire it was super beautiful now one of the wild things about this ultra luxury room is that it actually comes with the 24 7 Butler assistant whatever, you want to call them after the sunset we got our helper assistant we headed up the hill to Santa’s incredible Thai restaurant at this point Liam didn’t believe me that Thai food was spicy because all the food we’d had. So far has been kind of creamy or sweet it was time to show him what true Thai food tasted like this was a taste of Thailand the next morning we did with the lock team does that, you rented a scooter. And went out to explore the island.

So right about now we are in the middle. And the west quarter of puyo a island. And we’ve been told the best viewpoint is in the north east.

So we’re going to get on their scooters we’re going to explore the island show, you what this island is all about luring a bit of a sleeper Island, it’s just beautiful untouched nature. And the crazy thing is it is. So close to Phuket probably only about a 35 40 minute ferry away, you really feel like you’re off the map there’s not a whole lot going on here and.

I absolutely love that but I also love that, you have the ability to stay in beautiful accommodations have, you ever experienced the feeling of simply getting on a bike. And having no direction in mind if you’re willing to let go of all expectations this can be one of the most rewarding ways to travel.

I almost ran over a snake Liam Oh head over chicken. I meant to ask him why in the road, but he was gone before. I could ask anyways we’re enjoying some really good riding here like, it’s going back.

And forth between gravel. And beautiful paved roads which is actually surprising. I expected it to be a bit more rural, but right now we are at the seller.

And corner of the island. I think I’ll have to take a look at my GPS, but it looks like this little pier down here yeah just check GPS, this is not where we were supposed to come, but the roads are not like that clearly marked. So we just kind of follow in a road and, this is a pretty cool spot Oh immediately after flooding the drill.

I found a shipwreck now. I’m talking some pirates in the Caribbean buried treasure golden doubloons how hot is that spot over here yeah my seat is an inferno oh my gosh. So we got back at her bike every third of driving door one of the really cool things about kawaii a that the Rogues are actually extremely well paved when you’re on a scooter, you pick up on smells sense feeling your senses are just heightened.

And there’s simply no better way to see the country at City or wherever you’re at we followed the road all the way to the very northern tip of the island where we actually got the pier fortunately on our way here we saw a lady in the shoulder of the road she had crashed her bike luckily she was there with her husband who’s tending to her injury it looks like she cut her faith that she needs stitches luckily they flagged down a car pick her up. So taking care of going to hospital supply, but yeah just, you know, you ought to be careful when you’re when you’re out here on these commuters sometimes, it’s not even, you from outside circumstance of why one of these is always a good choice if you feel comfortable the scooter is the best way to get around. I got a call me a hug baby no much y’all a fish.

I think we just found the Paradise at the beach here. So right near the northern pier there was like a little turn off. And there’s this tiny sign, it’s like lamb hod Beach and.

So are they all right whatever one. And a half kilometers down this tiny one-way dirt road. And now we’re on this point surrounded by beautiful blue water you’ve got those incredible crabby cliffs the ones that just drop off in the middle of nowhere, this is where you’re able to take a boat to actually cross the coal yayoi.

And if you haven’t already seen that vlog I’ll link it down below these two islands actually pairs together very nicely and, you can get across for dirt cheap. I’m talking like a couple dollars got back on the bike or turn the bike got back to the roof jumped in the pool. And made the most of our final evening here at some pier resort.

I distinctly remember Liam when he was probably about 17 years old he wanted nothing more than to have his birthday dinner at Red Lobster. I can offer the life of me tell, you why that’s where, you wanted to go, but he’s absolutely obsessed with lobster. So this was another really cool experience for me Liam looked over the menu.

And he saw the price of the lobster. And he looked at me he’s like am. I am.

I able to order this. And after. I looked at the price.

I was even pretty hesitant. I was like. I mean.

I guess, you can because luckily the resort was taking care of us and. So Liam went ahead he ordered the lobster and. I had a bite literally this thing was worth every dollar probably one of the most delicious meals I’d ever had.

And let’s just say it made his day a whole lot better our final night at the villa was greeted by an incredible sunset ironically the more beautiful the sunset the left relaxing it is for me because. I feel so much pressure to get the right posts get the right shop and.

I think we did just that we absolutely killed this post shoot we got so much beautiful footage. And a hard time choosing which clips to show, you once the Sun had set we actually had a cherry on top – what was pretty much a perfect weekend here the sky decided to turn into one of those incredible purple Huey cotton candy sunsets.

And it just it literally made my day oh no sup guys. I’m not a sunrise guy, but sunsets, you can always count me in. And this was an incredible one.

I live for sunsets we went to the buffet dinner listen to the thunderstorm headed back to the room she was greeted by a cockroach that had likely been in my bag all day as soon as. I opened my bag. And went running out and.

I sprung into action being the brave man that. I am. I grabbed my little brother’s shoe and.

I proceeded to track it down like Bear Grylls, you know well that has been my narration over my own vlog it honestly felt really weird doing this, this is not how I make posts normally but I hope, you guys enjoyed it despite the slight challenge that came with this post, you guys need to check out Kolya it is a beautiful island it is.

So easy to get to from Phuket. And if you’re going make sure to check out some tier resort tune in for the next post. And things will be back to 100% for an incredible series in Phuket.

And the conclusion of the Thailand travel series as always guys please leave the post big thumbs up it makes the world of a difference hit the comment button hit them notification button. And then don’t press any more buttons because that’s just too much to ask. I will see, you guys the next one until then let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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