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210 E. Trade St., #208A, 704/749-1097, www.whiskyrivercharlotte.com

HOURS: Tues .-Wed. 9 P.M.-2 A.M., Thurs.-Fri. 5 P.M.-2 A.M., Sat. 7 P.M.-2 A.M., Sun. noon-2 A.M.

COST: $7, Tues. 18+, Wed.-Sun. 21+

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Thanks to Whisky River, there’s now a mechanical bull in Uptown. Killer (the mechanical bull named after Whisky River owner and NASCAR sensation Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s dog) takes center stage at this Uptown bar; hop on for a wild ride or stand back and watch as one rider after another tries their luck. Whisky River is part of EpiCentre, a $200 million entertainment complex, and a popular spot for country music lovers and NASCAR fans hoping to catch a glimpse of Junior. It’s one of few clubs that are open during the week, with live bands on Tune Up Tuesdays and Thursdays; Friday and Saturday are Whisky Weekends when DJs play rock and country music and the dance floor is in full swing; 1-2-3 Sunday Funday shows NASCAR (or other sports matches) on the big screens, and there’s cornhole, Xbox, Wii, and racing trivia. Like most of the clubs in Uptown, it offers VIP areas. Reserve a VIP table (up to eight people), a VIP booth (up to 10 people), or the Bull Area (up to 25 people). All VIP areas include tableside service.

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. owns part of this popular Uptown club.

A sizeable English population lives between the northern border of the Raleigh Map Tourist Attractions Bay Colony and Piscataqua. More than half of these recent immigrants have moved from Massachusetts Bay in Raleigh Map Tourist Attractions search of increased economic opportunity and less Puritan social control. In fact, John Winthrop, governor of Massachusetts Bay, writes that Piscataqua is a hotbed of whoring, drunkenness, and conflict. Piscataqua settlers often quarrel with Massachusetts Bay over land claims, many of which overlap. Most of the English settlement of New Hampshire occurs along the lines laid out by the Massachusetts towns farther to the south. That is to say, the town is the central unit of community organization, providing behavioral controls and protection against external enemies. The region quite naturally falls under the economic and political influence of the larger and more prosperous Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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