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It gave power to my pedalling. The public security bureau China vacation itinerary was on my list of places to find, in order to apply for a special permit China vacation itinerary . When I located it I parked my bicycle at the end of a row of policemen’s bikes. Unfortunately my bike fell over and hit the bike next to it, which hit another and another; I watched with dismay as slowly the motion rippled along knocking every bike flat into the dust. I didn’t get my permit. Decided to try again the following day.

It was just after 6:00 p.m. when we met J.W. and Sean in the parking lot of Reynolds Cemetery. After our greetings, J.W. went on to the property while Sean, Bev and I made a brief stop at Reynolds. The video cameras that malfunctioned during our last visit were at the repair shop. I had a new video camera today and, hopefully, no equipment problems. our feet scuffed through the puddles of water and wet grass as the three of us wandered through the old cemetery. I ran a short EVP session and was thrilled when my new video camera functioned flawlessly.

During this visit, the cemetery had a different feel, not just because of the rain. Its atmosphere was more charged. more alive. Within a short time the three of us were drenched, the rain coming down in torrents. Cutting our EVP session short, we returned to the protection of the cars and followed Sean Campbell to the Crouch farm.

We are purposefully not disclosing the exact location of the Crouch farm based on the current owners’ request. We can say it wasn’t far from Reynolds Cemetery.

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