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Chicago  Trail travels over gently rolling terrain across open grassy fields, and through young and mature forests. It passes a beaver dam in an aspen forest. There is a shelter about a mile into the hike, and this is a good spot to stop and watch the Ospreys. This hike is not a long one, and so permits more time for viewing wildlife. White-tailed deer frequent the stands of newly planted pines and spruce, and there are plenty of birds.

0.0 A sign marks the start of the Rolling Hills Trail approximately 100 feet east of the park headquarters on the road to the campground. Cross Minnesota State Road 73 in about 100 yards, walk past the chain gate, and, in another 100 feet, bear left at the trail intersection.

0.2 Trail intersection; bear right, passing the trail to the left.

0.3 Trail intersection. Bear left; in about 300 feet, at the next intersection, bear right passing a snowmobile trail on the left.

0.4 Come to a beaver pond on the left side of the trail. Just beyond the beaver pond, the trail emerges from the forest into a field surrounding the large wildlife pond on the right.

0.8 Trail intersection and shelter (46° 26′ 24.8″ N 92° 43′ 56.7″

Earthquakes are also a constant threat to life, property, Chicago Metro Map and infrastructure. In January 2010 a massive quake struck the country’s heartland. Port-au- Chicago Metro Map Prince, the capital and largest city, was left in ruins, as were several other urban centers in the affected area. As many as three hundred thousand people died, and up to 2 million Haitians were left homeless and destitute. Many of the country’s people saw their livelihoods destroyed as jobs and businesses vanished into the debris. Much of Haiti’s heritage its historical buildings, art, and countless other treasures was reduced to rubble.

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