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Whether or not a permit is needed, regulations sometimes require that you sign in at a ranger station or visitor center and indicate how long you’ll be in the wilderness. Leaving this information is a good idea even when it’s not mandatory, as someone will then know you’re missing if you don’t return as scheduled.

At many trailheads or a short distance down trails you’ll find a trail register. Always sign in at such registers, since this would help others to trace your route if you somehow failed to return. On occasion it’s also suggested that a note be left on your car’s dashboard, indicating the planned date of your return.

Finding Your Way in the Wilderness Whether you’re on trails, waterways, or elsewhere, staying oriented in the wilderness isn’t always a simple matter. Your ability to find the way should never be taken for granted. Awareness and considerable skill are sometimes required.

British Colonies Jamestown was founded in 1607. Had it not been for a friendly local Native Country tribe sharing their food with the settlers and teaching them how to plant crops, it, too, would have failed and might not have led to a third attempt to colonize the Countrys. Miami Metro Map These ventures were, after all, great financial investments made by private citizens with the king’s permission. Unlike the Spanish, however, the British did not find an abundant supply of precious metals.

Instead, John Rolfe learned from Native Countrys how to cultivate tobacco, a plant native to the Western Hemisphere, and he began shipping it to England. By 1620, tobacco had become very popular in England and was in high demand. It quickly became the South’s chief crop. In general terms, the Northern colonies prospered through shipbuilding, fishing, and trade, because neither the cold climate nor the hard, rocky ground was particularly conducive to agriculture.

On the other hand, the Southern colonies had an economy based on agriculture, because the environment was appropriate for growing rice and tobacco. In the years that followed, the colonial economy became much more diversified, and Great Britain continued to capitalize on it. England purchased over half of all the crops that the colonies produced for market. Also, almost all imports to the colonies came from England.

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