Hey guys come on e yeah stay two of our time here in French Canada yes. But as you might have noticed I am still wearing this shirt from yesterday. Because we have to go do some washing. Because everything got drenched like literally we have to wash this is how wet everything got we have to wash everything that’s in here, and that’s a full suit guy wouldn’t even zip.


So I had to carry this, and it’s so heavy. Because it’s so wet like I don’t think you guys understand how wet everything is it’s like you’ve left everything on the line, I’m washing line it’s rained, and then you go out there, and you know what’s that which like I don’t understand these guys, and not the best as it’s broken oh yeah let’s go do a bunch of laundry. So we’re still going to we still what plans to go to the city. But we might just have to go there later on so much washing to do you’re getting there yep I feel like you have double the amount of closes me now. So lost your mind oh yeah washing done for another week yeah well now you can change your t-shirt day three of the same shirt, I’m sorry guys, I’m sorry yeah we’re just gonna head back, and then we are going to head into the city alright. So we go clean which is it good, and now we are heading into the city, and exciting news we’re heading into a company who is going to look at the hard drive, and fingers crossed we get our massive logs back. So everyone send good vibes through the computer screen.

Because if we can get that footage back we’ll be good no one gets my last two footage back for you guys you some ice-skating rink why yes. So this company called secure data recovery heard our story about losing the footage on the harddrive, and they’ve been you know kind enough to look at the harddrive for us. So they are based in America, and we just pretty much drop it off here, and it gets sent to them, and we find out in three days time if we can get any footage better three days three days times. So yeah it’s out of our hands, and ways that they can’t fix it. So fingers crossed guys fingers crossed. So record some to a shopping center here in the downtown Montreal we’re trying to replace our lost luggage which mostly includes juices underwear, and bras, and bra, I’m just not going to worry about the teachers yeah. Because it is still not that cheap the clothes who in America would be great.

Because it’s so much cheaper your arms just kind of replacing the necessities in the meantime mission is a complex yeah it was literally the last store we were on the way out, and just as like huh please God look, and I had to say yes. So we were traveling the one first world problem that we always wish we could have is the new iPhone. So instead of getting it we’re just going to go to the Apple store, and kind of just check it out it just it’s not our for another five days you had a bit overexcited good. But you’ll know where we’ll be in five days the food frying, and looking at it I still have a knife everyone out great. But now we thought we would treat ourselves, and head to the cinemas which should be good. Because we haven’t been there in quite some time. But yet I think we’re just going to go buy some snacks we can sneak in, and yeah we’re going to see major on our the new one.

So tell you guys a tablet when we’re out a maple syrup lollipop no thank you why do we always get amazed by the littlest things it’s a Pringles vending machine, and you’re going to post it it isn’t. So when we came to the cinema we had to double check that it’s not gonna be played in French. Because the majority of those places in French everyone speaks French everything’s with no French. So we assume the movies you’re gonna be in French. But they were in English, and I think they might just be free subtitles European maybe okay oh we’re going to go see the Maze Runner number two if you’re interested we still the first one we liked it I read it. But I didn’t read the second book. So interested now going in here, and not read the book mmm yeah.

So yes that’s what was seen tell me we I think we’re going to go get some popcorn, and drink yes. So excited this is what it’s got us through two weeks of no snacks you’re just thinking popcorn animal really three hello hello can you enjoy the movie yes okay was it I thought it wasn’t as good as the first yeah it felt like I very much like a filler filler movie like we need to get through to root 3. So oh nothing is really gonna happen in this one yeah. But, I’m we’re heading home now I think after yesterday today I’ve had our birthdays it’s like underground metro systems it’s actually designed really cool we’re really enjoying the area we’re staying in were staying in a place called Mont Royal which when we announced on Facebook that we were looking for activities to do in Montreal a lot of you guys recommended we come, and visit this place it’s even cooler than we’re staying here, and the reason why is just outside there’s like a little market area, and there’s always like live music playing. So we had opera yesterday we had one of those things called hum right no no when they own an accordion accordion, and we’ve had singers alright guys we are off to bed tomorrow we will be exploring some of old on-trail. So I can that will be cool and, I’ll see you tomorrow bye guys bye guys.

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