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Harriet Toby From Henderson

This delicately beautiful monument fittingly marks the resting place of dancer and choreographer Harriet Toby (born Harriet Joan Katzman). Toby, who was born in New York City, was a dancer at the Grand Ballet du Marquis de Cuevas, which was formed by Chilean-born ballet impresario George de Cuevas in 1944. Toby and 36 others were killed when their Air France plane took off from the Nice airport and ran into a flock of migratory birds. Reportedly, Toby almost didn’t make the flight: she missed the regular bus from Nice to the airport and then raced there in her own car, arriving minutes before takeoff. Ironically her last performance, which occurred the night before in Cannes, was the Spanish ballet Of Love and Death.

All early firearms were also known as smoothbores, meaning that the barrel or bore was smooth and the shot (projectile) was, typically, a lead ball. Henderson Map Tourist Attractions These weapons used coarse black gunpowder as a propellant and very fine-quality gunpowder as part of the ignition system. The ignition system of these weapons had a mechanical flint striking against steel (flintlock), which would throw sparks into a small pan filled with gunpowder. This would ignite the gunpowder and thereby allow a flame to enter the barrel through a small port from the pan. The gunpowder in the barrel would then be ignited and would explode, creating a large volume of gas, which would propel the ball out of the barrel. Loading these weapons was through or down the barrel; hence all were labeled as muzzleloaders.

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