Paradise Outside of Bali

Just off the coast of the Balinese mainland lies one of the hidden secrets of Indonesia like all good secrets, it’s only a matter of time until the word gets out, but in the meantime the noosa islands have so much to offer to start let’s get on the ferry. And head on over what is up guys about 35 minutes later we have left Bali.

And we’ve just arrived oh my gosh let’s wet it we’ve just arrived in new subtle of point gun. I’m probably saying it wrong. And yeah we’re gonna be hanging out here for the next three days introducing to the crew hey guys, you don’t have a name happy to be alive oh.

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And Cameron hi. I’m Cameron hi. I’m Freddy nice meeting what’s he name typical Bali style well.

I resold in Bali or is this Lombok. I’m pretty sure we’re in Mexico it feels like Mexico we are packed right now in the back of a truck check this out luggage between the legs right now we’re heading to our hotel and. I think altogether it was like 300 thousand for the ferry 300 350 per person including transportation yeah return back to body ready yeah.

I’ve got my own private little bungalow Villa thing, it’s really nice guys, this is $25 a night us you’ve got a see you’ve got a mosquito net over your bed because, it’s not perfectly sealed there’s definitely a bit of exposure to the outside, but everything’s very clean. And like as long as, it’s clean. I can sleep anywhere, this is the little bathroom situation we got a nice outdoor shower.

And best of all we got Mother Nature, this is way nicer yeah all right we’re getting ready to go explore here let’s spread where we going. I think we’re gonna go to mushroom beach, but first we need nasi goreng. I am yes, this is nasi goreng forever wouldn’t be a man of my word if.

I didn’t get some. So after the last bike this definitely feels like a bit of a downgrade right now we’re going to explore noosa the bull again. I I don’t have to say it let me get back to, you on that otters are beautiful they’re pure they’re blue, this is where.

I’m meant to be. So that’s the light that eyes envision me back when I would ride with, you only to the mannequin for years.

And a thousand miles of there never paid mind. I’m a man pay forward be growing from the moment we arrived come. And take a step by side right behind me, you can actually see where nusa ceningan starts there’s this yellow bridge that connects the two islands sin again is a lot less developed a lot quieter according to Fred there’s only like a couple of hotels, you can stay in there whereas the lump on one side the one we’re on now is the busier side, but still very chill like, you have awesome restaurants that a bomb pizza everyone else loved their meals too.

So really impressed probably more expensive than staying in Bali we’re renting a bike for about 70 thousand a day my meal was just about 85,000, you know more than Bali. So we just wrote out probably about 20 minutes. And we’re at clifftop on the sunset side of, you Salah Bulgin this place is amazing.

I don’t know what. I was expecting here, but it wasn’t this, this is exceeding expectations such a beautiful sunset spot watch the sunset no we were just shooting at least we can watch it later right yeah that’s what shouldn’t oh yeah yo guys what’s going on there’s something, you suck hey we know each other for one day an amazing ends the day one here in Nusa Lembongan see, you guys tomorrow hey guys it is a beautiful day today the water is absolutely incredible, but, it’s also very wavy today the swells are huge and. So for that reason the surfers are having a great day, but we will not be seeing the manta rays like we hope to have seen there’s a point where, you can go to actually see manta rays pretty much every single time.

And they’re beautiful like they grow up to like 10 feet 12 feet, you can swim up right next to them that won’t be happening today, but hopefully tomorrow today we’re gonna check out a bit of snorkeling all of our GoPros aren’t working, but that’s the way it goes all right we’re gonna hop in the water. And we’re gonna stay real close this walk is like a current apparently, it’s like a conveyor belt like it will just take, you in one of the directions, but sometimes it likes to change directions. So, you don’t know which one it is, it’s been a while since they did my paddy, but here goes nothing how graceful was that press really beautiful.

And are, you inbred, it’s too cold in there there was. So many different kinds of fish, but they were all rather small now we’re at a place where we’re gonna see the big Trevelyan fish am. I saying that right giant trevally fish those fish were huge like if.

I could guess. I would these 60 pounds like really really wide. And thick absolutely insane like.

I was just saying. I would have blown past Michael Phelps house not my flippers on and. I’ve never been.

So fast in my entire life it was really cool right now we’re headed back to shore, it’s been a really good way to start the day what do, you guys think good start to the day nasi goreng. I am pleased all day all day forever look at that view, this is Nusa Lembongan just unbelievably beautiful you’ve got all these little bungalows villas everything just kind of lined on the coastline. And yeah now we’re gonna go grab some food which.

I’m stoked about I’m so hungry right now, it’s like the best thing, you have it like decked out with all sorts of nuts coconut shreds dragon fruit mango banana we freshened up. And now we’re going to noosa sin again.

So we’re gonna be crossing that big yellow bridge we have just made it over these sin again bridge and. So that yellow bridge we came over about a year ago actually fell apart there was a ceremony going across it. And the entire bridge collapsed unfortunately a few people’s lives were lost they have since rebuilt it.

And it did feel pretty sturdy this time around we’re now on the quieter setting inside check out, this is what’s going on behind the photo the effortless photo find yourself some supportive friends like this oh my god. I am NOT jumping here guys we came here to cliff jump cuz on noose ascend again you’ve got some nice cliff jump spots, but then again like the waves they’re just like huge right now they’re not normally this big perfect we have just arrived at this really trendy reggae kind of feeling beach restaurants where we’re gonna get a drink enjoy what’s been a beautiful day the Senate inside is really really awesome there’s these two male dogs that are really into this female dog over here. And she’s clearly in heat because they tracks her from like way on the other side of the beach.

And now the two dudes are going at it they apparently realized they didn’t have a chance with her, it’s a weird love triangle things again are really weird here folks the beautiful finale to this sunset is a purple sky. I am in love with nusa ceningan new syllable yin definitely recommend, you guys come here. And check it out the islands do, you like them yeah for sure yeah if should go to body go to Nusa Lembongan rose again again.

I always recommend it, it’s the best unbelievable ends of this night we got a beautiful purple sky pin it all off. And guys make sure to check out the crew we’re traveling with everyone here does Instagram a little going on. And, it’s really awesome to be traveling with them if you made it this far the post smash that notification button.

And if you join the notification squad let me know comment down below I’ll be commenting back on everyone’s post. And guys let’s get lost again tomorrow. ?

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