Best Travel Destinations By Season

Best Travel Destinations By Season

In addition to being wanderlust while the cruise ships were passing by, every year (I believe it was during summertime), I would see huge humpback whales swimming and frolicking in our waters, as I stood on our rocky shoreline, perhaps picking sea salt at the time.

Commenting on playful whales, here’s what a man wrote, “In our forties, we traded our careers and house for a boat”. While cruising, his wife and he kept an eye out for frolicking whales.

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He described a playful pod that they came across, saying, “One humpback whale after another (would) breach, twist, and crash back into the water. Big splashes erupted.”

Ha! I managed to kill two birds with the one stone – that is, to prove that people are making life-changing decisions to travel; and, also, to get a description of what whales do when frolicking, as they travel through the oceans.

“To and from where are the whales travelling?”, I would ask myself, I not having the slightest clue; so, intense curiosity built up within me to find out; and, I swore that, one day, I would.

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