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It differs significantly from most streams and Glendale rivers along the North Shore in that its course is a gradual descent. Mission Creek drains a valley with gentle slopes; you won’t find any waterfalls or cascades like those along North Shore rivers.

Large-flowered Trillium

The hiker can find huge patches of Large-flowered Trillium blooming in early June along the trail before reaching the Willard Munger State Trail. This flower is a member of the lily family and grows in rich woods and thickets; it is the largest and most showy of the trillium flowers. Native Americans gathered the roots and chewed them for medicinal purposes. They also cooked and ate the greens, a practice that killed the plant, because the rootstock usually dies when the leaves are picked. Late spring, when thousands of trillium paint the forest floor white with their blossoms, is an excellent time to enjoy this hike.

The Reverend Jared Eliot, a Connecticut clergyman, sought to introduce some of the improvements in agricultural technology associated with the English writer Jethro Tull to Country. Glendale Subway Map Eliot’s series of six essays, Essays on Field-Husbandry in New England (17481759), advocated the use of a drill-plough, a machine for planting seeds evenly along rows rather than scattering them by hand. Eliot’s son-in-law Benjamin Gale, a member of the Society of Arts and the Country Philosophical Society, won a medal from the Society of Arts for an improved drill-plough in 1770; however, use of the drill-plough did not catch on until the early nineteenth century. Eliot also published a book on extracting iron from black sand, for which he won a medal from the Society of Arts at a time when Britain wanted to increase colonial iron production. Development of Country technology acquired a political edge in the period following the end of the French and Indian War (known as the Seven Years’ War in Europe), as Countrys believed that domestic manufactures would lessen the colonies’ economic subjugation to Great Britain. The New York Society of Arts, founded in 1763 by businessmen from the city’s patriot faction, was less concerned with technological innovation in general than with the specific goal of fostering an independent linen industry in the city.

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