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One of Europe’s most famous prehistoric monuments and a British icon, the ancient stone formations of Stonehenge are shrouded in mystery and evoke intrigue. Ponder this remarkable feat as it stands today and come face to face with incredible historic artefacts in the exhibition and visitor centre.

Lakes District

9-day Coach Tour from $3495.

England’s Lakes District is prime driving country. Rolling green hills and jagged mountains frame sparkling blue lakes and tumbling waterfalls, while charming stone-built villages offer a place to stop and spend the night. Discover why the likes of Beatrix Potter and William Wordsmith found inspiration here.

House of Lords. The upper house of the British Parliament London Map Tourist Attractions , composed of members of the hereditary nobility and the clergy. Howitzer. A short-barreled London Map Tourist Attractions , muzzle-loading cannon that fires shells with high trajectories for a relatively short range similar to a mortar. Hudson’s Bay Company. A trading company created by a royal charter from Charles II of England in 1670.

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