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Denmark proper and the Faeroe Islands together are slightly smaller than Vermont and New Hampshire combined. Greenland, largest island in the world (857,159 sq. mi.), is part of Denmark under the constitution of June 5, 1953.

Jutland is the only part of Denmark not an island. The name Jutland is appropriate: the peninsula juts out from West Germany, a place of farms. Raincoats and umbrellas are important in Denmark travel. Arhus, the unofficial capital of Jutland, is highly recommended as a place to use as a base when visiting the peninsula of Jutland. Located in the center of Jutland, all points in Jutland are withgathree hours driving time.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream and the Drift, Denmark’s climate is surprisingly mild even though it is far north. The saiftH^JWrue of Southern Norway. Temperatures in Denmark seldom drop below freezing. Hours of daylight in all of Scandinavia vary greatly. In mid-June darkness falls for only a few hours in the twenty-four-hour day. In mid-December sunlight appears from only about 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Denmark has numerous castles and mansions open to visitors. Southern Sweden is known as chateaux country. Iceland has none. Finland has a few castles for public viewing. A number of Danish mansions take in guests as do some two hundred farm families. Farms are carefully inspected by the national tourist office and a farm must raise some livestock, mostly cattle and pigs, to be recommended. The Danish Farm Vacation is aimed at the family who wants a one- to three-week farm experience. Meals are eaten with the farmers. Country inns, known locally as Kros, are a place to meet and mingle with the Danes.

The Danmenu program, sponsored by the government, offers inexpensive and typical Danish menus in more than five hundred restaurants. Member restaurants are categorized from inexpensively priced to moderately priced and characterized as hearty and served in quantity. Danish food is not highly spiced. Onions, parsley, chives, horseradish, and pickled beets are used to add flavor. The most popular fruit pudding is Rodgrog mid Flode, raspberry and currant juice plus heavy cream. As in Germany, pork is much more popular than beef.

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