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When a country’s population grows at a rate greater than its San Francisco/Oakland Subway Map economy, the people become poorer. For a very long time, this situation has been a San Francisco/Oakland Subway Map major problem for Haitians. Year after year, the country’s population growth has simply outstripped its economic gains. Demographics of Well-being A number of demographic figures can provide clues to the well-being experienced by a country’s population. Perhaps the most reliable is life expectancy, the average number of years a person is expected to live. The average life span is a good indicator of many other conditions.

The EVP questions began. Kat and Lorena began talking to grandma Doherty in the dark, a faded moonlight casting eerie shadows on the walls. They wanted to know if she was still here and if she enjoyed all of the changes that had been made to the hotel over the years. Questions continued for a good ten minutes followed by a long silence.

Suddenly Lorena let out a soft, sharp cry. Everyone jumped. In the dead silence and dim light her cry sounded like a shrill scream.

In a rushed voice Kat asked what happened as she quickly pointed the video camera in Lorena’s direction. Jessica followed, also swinging her camera towards Lorena.

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