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A Wet-Weather Fire

In a strong wind, dig a trench for the fire.

Yau can also find dry branches under conifers.

Use your knife to “raise” shavings without detaching them.

The next best thing is to let a stump or fallen trunk offer some protection for the fire.

The landscape conveys an impression of absolute permanence. It is not hostile. It is simply there untouched, silent, and complete.
Follow the track past the farm buildings, and you will Zambia Metro Map see a signpost directing you left. Observing the sign, you swing left to continue across a Zambia Metro Map field, keeping the farm buildings to your left and aiming for a gate at the far end of the field. There are superb views from the field northwards to the beautiful countryside around Black Down, a wooded hill very close to the border with Surrey. Go through the gate and continue along the path on the other side, ignoring a left fork. The views remain excellent. You lose height, fairly gently at first then rather more rapidly, and at one point there are a couple of steep steps to negotiate.

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